I started learning about celebrity cloning to find out my reactions to the idea.

There are a few comforting beliefs I encountered, such as the belief that it’s possible to "transfer consciousness" to another body. If the belief is comforting and is a wish fulfillment, then it’s probably too good to be true. We can imagine we don’t really die. Anything that seems like a desirable value is probably false and a trick.

We now have continuation of consciousness after death, with false implanted memories, and if all the people in society react to us as though we’re the original, what does it matter if we aren’t? All that matters is that the people around us believe that we are.

Wish fulfillment by means of technology is often a lie, a trick, a bad copy of something which is much better when made in nature. Vitamins and minerals are a terrible substitute for real food, for instance. Synthetic vitamins cause you to develop nasal allergies, which stop happening if you stop taking all synthetic vitamins including the ones added to food. They also cause other side effects – coenzyme Q made my extremities go numb.

These chemicals do not exactly copy natural ones. Vitamin C is a cluster of covitamins, not merely "ascorbic acid," a tiny useless fragment of a vitamin, which causes a rash all over your body at high doses. Fake vitamins force your body to try to fill in the missing pieces from your own stores of nutrients, depleting your stores.

They also contain unreacted reagent residues from their chemical constituents in the factory. Something might be made out of cyanide, and will still contain traces of unreacted cyanide. When the vitamins are made in nature they come from a different process, not by just mixing reagents.

Here is the best proof that chemicals made in a lab cannot mimic real chemicals. This example is laughable and ridiculous. They can’t even make an exact copy of their own synthetic chemicals when they are given the chemical formula! I have noticed major, extreme differences between the effects I get by taking a brand name drug versus the generic brand. Generic ibuprofen is less toxic and has few side effects, but the real ibuprofen, in Advil or Midol or whatever I took, has terrible side effects, such as bloodshot eyes. I prefer the generic and only buy the name brand if I am forced to buy it from a gas station. My manager Cyn told me that generic Benadryl works great for her allergies, but real brand name Benadryl doesn’t – so the generic is more effective than the original! This shows that even just given a chemical formula for a synthetic chemical, two different factories will get different results.

Mind control experiences and memories are shallow, stupid, and lacking nuances that come from real experiences. I hadn’t intended to make a big analogy to vitamins, but that analogy was actually a great analogy and perfectly expressed what I wanted to say.

Fake nourishment versus real nourishment. That’s why I’m skeptical of technologies that claim to produce synthetic food. I don’t trust it, and with good reason based on past experiences with fake vitamins.

But clones. Here is the claim that I read. Someone says that we all, or many of us, have clones kept in secret cloning centers, and people are able to forcibly transfer our consciousness to those clones. Or, they claim, "quantum physics" connects us, which I am skeptical about – I believe that is being misinterpreted. Although the universe might really be like a big jar of paint, where new colors added in will produce long streaks of color when you stir them, instead of instantly mixing, so the objects of the universe might leave streaks as well. Maybe, but I am skeptical of anything that claims to be an example of that phenomenon.

So when they put our minds into those of our clones, it is probably just a fake synthetic experience that uses brainwave entrainment, which will produce a shallow, low-quality copy of real life with no depth or nuances.

I once was given a demonstration, by the attackers, of a strange experience while I was lying in bed. This only happened once from what I recall. I was given a very strange sensation of being inside someone else’s body, someone else’s life, having foreign memories, foreign emotions, foreign experiences, and another location. It was disturbing and uncomfortable, but also, it was extremely shallow too. It had no resemblance to real life, and I was barely conscious and could not do anything, and it only lasted a second. I just had a sensation of being a different person. To do this, you merely need to attack my brain with a few particular types of frequencies to force my brain to feel a few sensations. I suspect that that’s what this clone thing is.

However, the guy claimed it was just as detailed and real as life. I haven’t read the book, I just skimmed a brief summary online.

But if it’s a wish fulfillment, it’s probably a trick. What? You mean we can move our consciousness into a clone, without replacing a consciousness that is already in it, and continue life after death with all our memories intact? Sounds great! Where can I get a piece of that action? Wish fulfillment – very dangerous, usually a trap, and the work of Satan. Whatever it is, it is unwhole, incomplete, not like real life, missing something that real life has.

So this clone thing — I will learn more about it and see what other thoughts and reactions I have. The voices then told me Matthew is only a clone, and that he really died. I can’t visit him yet, as I am working on moving out of the tent today, and I need to find out what time I work tomorrow. If they mean it as a "joke," it might refer to being put on psychiatric drugs. Eminem is also on psychiatric drugs, I think.

My battery is low and the charger doesn’t work anymore because the wire has a bad connection from being bent and from being made cheaply. I had gotten a little portable charger. It worked a couple of times.

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