Roommates and too-high fridge temperatures – a recurring issue

As predicted, when I opened the fridge at the apartment I discovered a horrifying vision of decaying, rotting food at fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit or so. Maybe not that warm. But the number was set at 1.5. It should be at 4 to get it below 40 degrees. I like to keep food in the fridge for WEEKS. I *always* find that roommates don’t know about safe food temperatures, and they always think that “saving energy” is better than having edible cold food for weeks. Fridges are, no joke, probably collaborating with grocery manufacturers to increase wasted food and thereby increase grocery sales. Fridges have no thermometer and no settings or instructions telling you, “Never, ever let your fridge go above 38 degrees unless you want to die.” They just give you the option of using an unlabeled dial with meaningless arbitrary numbers, 1-5, so that you can’t understand that you are going to destroy all of your food. Without fail, EVERY roommate has chosen the “Let’s save energy by keeling the fridge at such a warm temperature you might as well just set the food out on the counter instead.” The fridge must be designed so that you cannot even run it that way. It violates the definition of a refrigerator, and should be viewed as a fraudulent product that uses false advertising. Fridges must be required by law to be incapable of going above 40 degrees. I am not a libertarian anymore because of things like this. They will try ANYTHING to conspire with each other to increase sales. Who cares if people are sickened and who cares how much food gets thrown away. It’s making more profits for grocery stores! That’s all that matters!

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