Hozier is Irish, and he has a song in 6/8 that I love. Tomorrow is Mom’s Memorial Day. April 8, 2017.

The Irish have some things that occur in groups of three, which doesn’t happen in other cultures, like China. You can’t find music written in beats of three in Chinese music, although I find it sometimes in Japanese, but the only Japanese example is Hiyao Miyazaki’s song in ‘Spirited Away.’ Music written in beats of three occurs in Irish music, sometimes 6, sometimes 9. The most powerful and unusual song I ever heard, a long time ago, was a slipjig written in 9/8 that I used to dance to. It was on ‘Silver Apples of the Moon.’ The first part of the ‘medley’ was not in 9/8, it was just in 4/4 or something. It started out that way, then suddenly and unexpectedly changed.

I just remembered my brother posted something on facebook that I wanted to look up – what was it? A song by… I cannot remember. I’ll go look it up or ask him if I can’t find it.

I’m listening to Hozier again – I played ‘Take Me To Church,’ then googled him and saw he was Irish. ‘Take Me To Church’ isn’t in beats of three, but one of his other songs is, and I’m not remembering what it’s called – I have it on youtube and have to go listen to it. ‘From Eden.’

I used to dance to the slipjig. It was a very simple song, really, just one harp and one guitar, and they trade places partway through. The very subtle nuances of the playing are what make it powerful. Just a tiny change in the timbre of the sound. That’s what you don’t get with electronic music. You play the same thing three times, but there is a different feeling to it each time it’s played. It’s the same, but not the same, and the difference is amazing. The difference is where the emotion comes from. It’s like you’re expecting one thing, but it does another.

Any culture that writes songs in beats of three needs to be discovered.

Matthew is taking me to church. That’s why I had to go listen to that song. He’ll show me how to get in the, what’s it called, the van, the shuttle, so he himself is not really taking me, but he’s arranging for the shuttle to take me, and I don’t know yet what church I’m going to. I don’t know if he is going with me or not.

I don’t know how comfortable I will feel spending a lot of time with him. Maybe I will be able to get used to it. Socionic relations can cause tension, anxiety, or fatigue. He is a benefactor.

I haven’t texted him again yet, and I told him I was going to West Virginia for Mom’s memorial, but I decided today that I cannot go, I am too tired, and don’t really quite have enough money to rent a car right now. I called Dad and told him I wasn’t coming, and he told me that was okay, he wasn’t expecting me and it really wasn’t going to be that great anyway. But nothing can make it okay. I really wanted to go. I insist, I really did. I just cannot do it. It isn’t okay and it isn’t going to be okay.

So Dad said, ‘When you’re walking in the woods tomorrow, spend some time thinking about her.’ I started to cry and I said, ‘Okay, I’ll do that.’ He said, ‘Now we’re both gonna start crying. But that’s okay. I do it all the time.’

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