the assumptions between other assumptions, the axioms, the concepts

11:21 PM 4/4/2017

This is going to be quick. I did drink an energy drink with ginseng in it again today, but the effects were not as noticeable, except that I went into withdrawal and became angry and irritated, once again, not my normal self.

The disclosers say that we have anti-aging technology that needs to come out. Only the elites will get it, and they will use it to keep themselves in power longer, of course, while the regular people won’t have access to it. I need a longer life, because every second of my life is being destroyed by electronic mind control, which prevents my brain from existing.

I pray to Anaya more whenever I am on ginseng. I was praying when I went home to sleep. Anaya is secure and secret. The voices said that it was extremely improbable. Something like ‘enormous odds’ or something. Also, I thanked Anaya for all the havens that had already died, due to the failure to prevent contamination, corruption, discovery, destruction, and invasion with mind control. The Haven is not just a one time thing. All of the resources are invested in protecting it, but it cannot be absolutely perfect forever, because that would require infinite allocations of finite resources. There will have to be some limit of the amount of protection on it, so that resources can be allocated to other purposes. And if one haven is lost, new ones must be made. New ones will always be made.

I didn’t see Matthew today. That’s disappointing. But he was here in the middle of the night last night, not the evening or afternoon.

I need to live a long time if I am ever going to build an effective shield that will block mind control so that I can exist and so that I can perceive and decide whatever I would have done if I had free will. I need to live hundreds of years. Anaya needs to be born. I also need to have lenghtened fertility instead of menopause, so that I can have a large number of children.

I can’t wait to move into the apartment. Finally, I will be clean enough – I’ll be able to reduce caffeine again, and I wno’t be drinking all these energy drinks. I’ll get some neodymium magnets again and make a magnet motor with free energy. I wasn’t able to finish it while living at the Youngs’ house.

All the people who say that the magnet motor absolutely cannot be done are closed-minded. You only have to insist that it can be done somehow. I got the idea. I got the concept, by seeing the fake one spinning so easily – it gave me the concept, and after finding out that it was fake, and trying to make it myself, I knew that it *should* work, if only you can overcome certain obstacles somehow. And again, closed-minded people respond to this by summing up ‘all’ of the possible approaches to this problem, by saying, ‘Oh, woe is me, everybody everywhere and everything always universally tries to solve this problem by placing the magnets “just so.” Therefore, it’s impossible, because there is no other approach to the problem.’ They aren’t using Edward de Bono’s green hat thinking!

There was a time in the past when I read books about things like green hat thinking, back when I wasn’t being mind controlled. I was able to actually learn mental techniques and use them.

Stubborn insistence that something could be done got me through calculus class. I was weeks behind the class, very slow,
disorganized, but I would insist I had to thoroughly understand it and explain how it worked before moving on to the next lesson. I might be stuck on one lesson for days, while the rest of the class just assumed it was all okay and moved on. I would question the deepest

As an adult, as a 42 year old, I know now that there is a secret math and a secret physics, where the deepest assumptions, the axioms, are different. You don’t assume anything. For every assumption, there is a question: is that really true? Is that the only thing we can assume? Why are we assuming this? Is there anything to be gained by assuming something different from that? Sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s something to be gained, but I was sometimes obsessive – I would ask weird questions that had no answers, and I would stubbornly pursue this idea that some assumption could be questioned. I don’t remember any details of what I was doing. I just remember it involved visual imagery. Visual images were always necessary to get my concepts. I would see that something was in between something else, in the invisible white space.

I’m not very good at questioning pure numbers, but if you can draw lines, circles, triangles, and other weird shapes, then I’m able to ask, ‘Why isn’t it going here? What would happen if we made this shape instead of that shape?’ and so on.

I know that a similar approach would be used to create free energy and new inventions in the realm of physics. I wasn’t quite good enough to do those things, but I was enough to slowly, slowly, barely touch the idea that things could be different from how they were. I know that reality is extremely thick, extremely dense, full of nuances within nuances, infinitely able to be explicated. For every idea, there are a dozen more ideas inside it and in between it – or at least, there were, back when I had a healthy brain and didn’t have plastic dental fillings leaching bisphenol-A into my system to turn me into a moron.

Anaya forbids the use of dental fillings. There is no drilling and filling at all. There are also no tooth removals.

I’ve still got ginseng in my system.

Who’s gonna hold my hand when I die, like I held my mom’s hand? I have no children, and I have no husband. No one will be with me when I am dying. And I want to die much, much older than my mom did, but all the signs show that I am sick and I will die at the average (low) age like all the other unhealthy Americans – I have damaged hips that are going to be destroyed in a few years, which means my entire body is decaying now, in spite of my will to live to be 160 years old at the very least. I want to go for 200. I have a lot of stuff to do. But I know, I’m gonna go at 70 or so, maybe less. I have no time left, and no one will hold my hand when I die of cancer at 70 like everybody else on earth, since nothing has changed, nothing has improved, and nothing has been fixed, in time to save me. Failure of the mission is inevitable.

I’ll be moving into a house. I’ll be doing projects that are easier to do in a house.

When you’re first learning about electricity, you tolerate all the wrong ideas, because the wrong ideas are where the new assumptions come from. The mind controllers never allow me to have wrong ideas and wrong beliefs, but wrongness is needed to create anything new at all. Constant rightness means that everybody will always do exactly the same thing forever and never discover anything. Perceivers versus judgers. Perceivers tolerate uncertainty. Perceivers tolerate wrongness and incompleteness. I can tolerate the idea that I’m temporarily learning something the wrong way or thinking the wrong thing, because I know the world isn’t gonna end because of it, but the mind controllers always act like the world is gonna end if I think the wrong thought for a fraction of a second, so they completely destroy all innovation.

I’m very grouchy and tired and irritable and angry because of ginseng and withdrawal. I should post this soon and go home and try to sleep.

When you first learn about electricity, you should question every single thing they tell you. Every detail, no matter how trivial, should be assumed untrue. Nothing is true. Nothing is a fact. Nothing is solid. Nothing is certain. Nothing is permanent. There is no idea that absolutely has to be true.

Okay, I’ll go ahead and post this.

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