It’s rosemary. I’m an idiot.

I tried eating just rosemary by itself, and, bingo, I have increased intelligence within 24 hours. I have faster speed of perception. As people walk around me in public places, I am seeing them and what clothing they wear out of the corner of my eye. I saw a tiny drop of water fall from a corner of the counter thing at Burger King where you pick up your straws and napkins and all that. I only ate one mouthful of rosemary, just a small amount dumped into the palm of my hand, from a little jar of the dried spice. I am also happier, but that could be because the sun is shining and it’s warmer. I feel mentally clearer.

I also used a magnifying mirror as a magnifying glass when I was looking at mosses, lichens, and fungi as I walked down the path on the way to the laundromat. I wanted a magnifying glass because I am farsighted now. I definitely cannot see small things up close, and lichens and other nonvascular plants are extremely small and detailed. I don’t have a magnifying glass, but I do have a round hand-held mirror that I carry in my backpack, which I sometimes use to look at the back of my head in the mirror if I am braiding my hair or fixing my hair part or just looking to see if I got my hair bun in the right position. I don’t ever use the opposite side of the mirror, which is a magnifying side, because I’m not doing small things like eyebrow plucking, which is what you would use that for, or makeup application. So I never use the magnifying side. But when I was in the woods, wanting a magnifying glass so I could look at the lichens I was finding, the voices said ‘Don’t you have a magnifying *mirror*?’ So, the idea to use the magnifying mirror as a magnifying glass came from the voices, and I took the suggestion. It was a good idea. I started to ‘green hat’ the idea (‘green hat’ = author Edward de Bono who writes about how to be creative) of using a magnifying mirror instead of a magnifying glass, or maybe yellow hat. Yellow hat is when you see the benefits of an idea. The magnifying mirror is able to look at the backs of things that are hard to reach, like the back side of the fungus that was growing on the piece of wood, whereas a magnifying glass would have to be looked *through* from a bad position, if you couldn’t get around to that side.

I still to this day want to go back to the Chinese food store and try all of the spices and all of the jars of sauces until I can find the thing that my Chinese roommates ate that one time, which they shared with me, which was extremely nootropic. It greatly increased my intelligence. I was thinking bizarre and brilliant thoughts all evening after eating it. The only reason I don’t go to that store is I don’t have a car and it’s on the other side of town.

I don’t remember why I went so long mixing up sage and rosemary. Sage still has some kind of benefit, but I don’t remember what it is. I will have to grow fresh rosemary and fresh sage as well. I would really like to know exactly what that Chinese substance was, and grow it myself, or at least have access to it as much as I want. It was extremely unusual.

The rosemary essential oil did little or nothing for me; so, the substance must be in the water soluble portion. You get the wonderful smell from the oil, and I do love all the intense smells, but it did almost nothing for my intelligence. You have to eat the whole herb, and even when I just eat this old, dried, probably stale rosemary that’s been sitting in this plastic jar for maybe years, it’s still more effective than the rosemary essential oil was.

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