I cleaned up my tent

The weather is warm. I’m doing an overnight tonight. I started cleaning all the garbage out of my tent this evening. It was so warm outside that I was able to do it perfectly comfortably. Maybe I was even helped by all the rosemary I ate earlier today. I made a huge difference in this tent. It’s not 100% clean, but it’s greatly, greatly improved. It was literally a huge pile of garbage I had to dig through to find anything at all. I could not even begin to move anything to the apartment when it was like that. I still need to walk the trash to the dumpster overnight. I will take it to the apartment complex up the hill. That is a big project and it can only be done in the middle of the night. Oh, I am so thankful though. I no longer have to dig through a pile of garbage for every little thing. I couldn’t find clothes, cat food, menstrual pads, my own food, or an actual trash bag for actual trash when I needed it. It will be so much easier now. I also need to do a total decon and get rid of clothes and blankets, but I won’t do that yet, because I must sign up for another lease after this sublet, or I’ll be on the street again. I found that out the hard way when I subletted from the Chinese people a couple years ago. My sublet ended and I had to go to the hotel. My first project, aside from antibiotics, will be to get a lease for July or whenever this one ends. Oh, this place is so much cleaner!

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