ugh, i am having a crappy day, but at least I won the lottery!

I barely got any sleep. So many tiny stupid things went wrong all day I can’t remember them all and am too tired to list them all. We had technical difficulties at work and I had technical difficulties with the web pages I was trying to read on my phone while attempting to escape from the suffering at work. I’m too tired to even explain. We had only one cash register working. The other one was down because of a computer malfunction.

The net result of this was I ended up accidentally informing Julian Assange on Twitter that I was having a bad day. It will be hilarious if he actually sees it and responds. People don’t necessarily see all their @ mentions and stuff. I think Julian Assange is busy being held captive and sitting in a courtroom or something right now. I was just on his page when I composed my tweet and I’m such a newbie at twitter that I didn’t notice, then was amused by the mistake afterwards.

I also got a free lottery ticket out of this. It’s gonna suck if I actually win the lottery with this free ticket. I’m not eligible because I’m an employee, and I got this ticket because it accidentally got printed for free, as a result of some technical difficulties we had with a customer and the credit cards and the random shit that went wrong all day. So not only did I not even pay for the ticket, and am not eligible, yeah, that sentence grammar didn’t work because there is no ending to the ‘not only’ phrase. I’m too tired to use grammar. Not only am I not eligible, but even if I were, I didn’t pay for the ticket, which would make me doubly not eligible. It was an accident. I don’t know where to look to see if my numbers won. How long does this ticket last? Which drawing is it for? I don’t even know. My name isn’t on the list of approved lottery winners anyway.

Julian Assange is kind of cool. I’m gonna sit around hoping he notices I accidentally sent him an at-tweet, and responds to tell me he’s sorry I’m having such a bad day.

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