Positive versus negative disclosure

I won’t be able to write much. It’s just that I want to BUY the LIDA machine. A machine that forces me to fall asleep sounds like heaven on earth, as long as I’m the one controlling it. But every single article about the LIDA machine is a negative website. I can’t stand to read the websites written in that style. Not a single one is talking about how helpful it is to put yourself to sleep without any drugs, very effectively, using radio waves or whatever the LIDA uses (I’m not reading about it right now). This is frustrating. And the best way to disclose that this technology is being used to harm people is by selling it in a way that helps people and makes them aware that it exists.

I’m so tired right now. I want to quickly and effectively induce sleep without drugs, instead of drinking so much coffee to stay awake. I am forced awake by electronic attackers, which is the whole reason why I haven’t gotten enough sleep in the first place.

Why isn’t anyone getting rich by selling LIDA machines? They’re declassified.

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