Okay, I’m online and I’m able to google Black Sun now

This particular Black Sun is not necessarily the same Black Sun secret society thingamabob. It’s a photography studio, and some of the people involved are African, and the photographer’s last name is Black. Okay, so he’s a white man, with a black wife and a son with good hair.

Well, now at least I know what it is, but everything about it looks and sounds very sinister. I have always walked past that building and wondered what in the hell it was, especially when I found out there is some kind of secret society or military-industrial thing called ‘Black Sun,’ similar to Blackrock or Blackwater or Graystone, or whatever they’re calling themselves now. They always call themselves a color, then a natural material. So, I dunno, Red Air or something. They haven’t done that one yet, I don’t think.

These are, like, the people who get hired to go into Iraq and kill the civilians and stuff. That’s kind of why I wasn’t very happy about seeing the name ‘Black Sun’ written on a building, and another sign that said ‘The LABB.’ The LABB is part of the photography studio. And it was unnerving to go to the web page, after seeing Pizzagate, and seeing that the very first photo featured is his son, shirtless, with his arms spread to the sides. So I’m not 100% convinced that this isn’t a child pornography studio, but at least now I have some vague idea of what it is, and it isn’t necessarily directly related to the Black Water organizations that go around killing people. I forget exactly what is the Black Sun that I’m thinking of and will have to google it again.

Editing – okay, the more I look at this page, the less it has a Pizzagate-like feel to it. It is not at all pizzagate-ish. All of the photos have a healthy, happy feeling about them, and some of them are even emotionally moving to me, because they caught the beauty of fall scenery in a way that I liked.

I’m almost disappointed. It would be nice to be able to point a finger at the exact location where the evil comes from, but alas, it isn’t from this particular place. Finding the exact locations where the evil in the world comes from is indeed an important and necessary thing to do. Anyway, I still feel that getting out of this town, away from its electromagnetic miasma that is killing my soul, is necessary for me to make progress in life. I do not want the NEXT twenty years of my life, my short and finite life, to go the same way the past twenty years have gone. I have spent these years in prison.


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