What the hell? I don’t mean it like that

I took a nap because the weather made me completely incapacitated, and woke up hearing voices who were upset because they thought that I meant I liked FEMALE Mongolians, in that way. I don’t mean it like that. Must appease the voices who are misinterpreting what I say.

If only my problem was merely that I was a lesbian, that would be easier to deal with than my real problem, which is that I am a heterosexual who is extremely picky and incompatible with everyone. Okay, actually it is probably very hard to live life as a lesbian, too, especially if you happen to be very picky and incompatible in addition to being a lesbian. But no, I have had crushes on the long-haired boys since Benjy in kindergarten (he had black hair in sort of a bowl haircut). That is why my intentional community requires long hair.

I can’t even clean and organize and pack my stuff today, because of the rain. I think the weather report said it would temporarily stop around 3:00, which it has, and then start again.

Who’s gonna feed the skunk when I’m gone??? The skunk got into my trash last night. I could hear it. I put my trash into the other tent, the small one, but the door has a hole cut open in one place partly because I cut it for Jacob and partly because the police cut it some more. So the skunk went in through that. I love the cute little skunks. Someday I will have a yard full of pet skunks, which have not been de-sprayerized, and they will love me and trust me so much that nothing bad will ever happen. This is along with my other yard full of free roaming pet foxes, who let me hug them and pet them, and then they can run away whenever they want to.

But no, when I say that I love Mongolians, this means that I sometimes do google searches for photos of Mongolians when I am in the mood to look at photos of foreign people, which happens usually when I am using some kind of herbal drugs. I am a xenophile.

Mongolians, in the wild free roaming primitive part of the country, eat the whole animal, so that you will see disgusting things like the head of a cow for sale at the butcher’s. As disgusting as it is, I believe it is very important to use the whole animal for reasons of nutrition, economy, and respect. That doesn’t mean making those parts into food that you will give to the cows and chickens on your CAFO farm, or put into your canned pet food. It means humans themselves are going to eat them.

Those Mongolians aren’t sitting around eating soy and getting feminized and weakened. I believe there is no acceptable form of soy to eat. Weston Price advocates often say that soy should be safe if it is traditionally fermented, but I do not believe any method of processing gets rid of the estrogen. If I recall it also affects the thyroid. I’m basically opposed to soy in any form. It wouldn’t be so bad if somebody ate soy briefly a couple times, but people who are eating soy always use it as a staple food that they eat tons of, constantly. It’s especially bad if you force babies to drink soy infant formula. There are *some* Weston Price advocates who oppose soy, even fermented, but they do not all universally agree on that – others still take the "as long as it’s traditionally prepared, it’s safe" attitude. I say No Soy (which means "I am not" in Spanish, but I don’t mean that).

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