Black Sun

I’m not allowed to talk about this, but what is the Black Sun? There is a physical building with unusual angles of its walls and roof, designed deliberately to look strange. Written on the sign is “Black Sun.” Inside, through the windows, I see tables, fancy tables, like just a meeting hall where you eat food and listen to a speech. It’s like a secret society. The name itself means that which radiates active darkness. Artificial stupidity is a manifestation of active radiated darkness. What exactly is the black sun society again? I have read about it. It’s like a global new world order social control type of thing. Well, they actually have a real physical building actually labeled with a sign that says “Black Sun,” which people are walking past on the sidewalk in broad daylight every day and ignoring. Seriously, it sounds ominous. If you were anything good, why would you want to call yourself Black Sun? Why not Shiny Light of Happiness or something? Nope. Radiator Of Darkness. That’s what we wanna call ourselves. Because it sounds cool.


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