A.S. – the artificial stupidity that controls this town

I’m stuck in bed because it won’t stop pouring rain. So I can only think frustrated thoughts. I ran out of phone data while reading stuff about David Wilcock and Corey Goode, and I wasn’t done reading. I’m too tired and rain averse to go to the laundromat right now and use the internet. So I have to blog in a text message, which has a character limit, and I don’t know how to do paragraphs, unless maybe it’s HTML.

Is that a paragraph? Anyway, I went down a line of thought that the A.S. forbids, the artificial stupidity that attacks me. I was pursuing insight into the realization that my 20 years in this town are an utter failure and I have nothing to show for it, and nothing will change in the next 20 years either, and the cause of this failure is the evil miasma of this town, the A.S. mind control that kills us all. It varies greatly in other geographic locations. I was attacked while pursuing this line of thought, the awareness that future failure of the mission is inevitable and action must be taken to fix that. I failed completely for 20 years here. Nothing will change. I cannot defeat the mind control of State College, PA. I cannot save any fellow sufferers, if any live souls exist in this town. I should leave this place. I’m not leaving this very instant. I’m going to move into my apartment first. But leaving this town will greatly benefit my soul. I cannot rescue other A.S. slaves trapped in this town. I have no resources. I must save myself before I can save others. I do not know the physical location of the object broadcasting the A.S, artificial stupidity. I only know it changes when I travel. Local variations are a matter of life and death of the soul. I am being forced to believe I have a duty to stay here and continue to fail at life. The A.S. is telling me that. Continued failure is inevitable in this location. I have one life to live. Wasting it in State College is like living in a jail cell. Anywhere but here – even merely Altoona.

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