two more essential oils – rosemary and pine

Since I didn’t learn my lesson the first time, I got two more essential oils: ‘pine scotch’ (which is ‘Scots Pine’) and rosemary. I suspect rosemary of being one of the helpful herbs that I am taking along with sage, because I also have a container of dried rosemary, the spice, and I sometimes have eaten it along with the sage. I haven’t always paid attention to notice when I’ve gotten the best results (back when I was writing the video game and was
decaffeinated), so I don’t know which times I was eating the rosemary and which times I wasn’t.

I poured out a few drops of this pine, and rosemary, together into a juice bottle lid again, something that I will just throw away, and I’m once again at the picnic table outside the laundromat (which, by the way, is supposed to be demolished sometime soon). I’m doing it here, this way, so that if anything reacts badly with me, I’ll be able to get rid of it and it won’t be all in my tent.

Well, something just gave me a foot cramp. That’s not good. I already learned years ago that charlie horses are caused by rancid oil, so that suggests that one of these oils might be rancid. I’m not even touching them, just inhaling them.

This pine-rosemary combination smells SO GOOD, so wonderful, I want to rub it all over my body and my clothes. However, I won’t do that, not yet anyway. I have to test how I react to things, and I know not to directly touch essential oils because they are very strong and toxic and concentrated.

I’m off work today and tomorrow. I have to get ready to move in to the apartment.

I don’t like to sing this horrible song, and I don’t want it running through my head, but I am wondering if there is something special about the combination ‘parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.’ I will probably try all of those oils. I don’t know if they were sung like that just because they were commonplace herbs, or if the person knew something about the benefits of using them. I do know parsley is supposed to help with stomach upset, because a very long time ago when I tried acupuncture, she recommended also that I should grind up a bunch of parsley and drink water made from it, although I never ended up doing that. I was having stomach problems and that’s why I went to see her.

It will make me feel kind of silly if I discover that rosemary is actually the helpful one more than sage, after talking and raving about how great sage is for all these months. I only know that one or the other or both together are extremely helpful, more than any other herbal drug I ever tried, at getting practical results such as being able to concentrate on extremely difficult tasks and never give up, and having deeper insights than usual. The St. John’s Wort was too strong, had too many side effects, and caused such severe fatigue, that I don’t want to use it for anything anymore, but these other culinary herbs are actually better at getting results with fewer problematic side effects.

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    hot n tot

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