Even plants have feelings

I’m on a lot of caffeine even though I’m off work today. I am postponing doing anything to move my stuff. I will probably do the move gradually.

I was thinking of horrible experiments done to animals, because I was researching pool chlorine. I want alternatives to chlorinated pools. They did something horrible where rats were forced to swim in chlorinated water. One rat died by drowning. The other rats developed bleeding around their eyes and noses (I do need goggles).

First, this is the stupid religious belief system called "The Scientific Method," where people have this ritual of doing a "control group" and trying to factor in all the relevant factors, for example, the rats cannot merely be soaked in chlorinated water while they sit there peacefully. Oh no, they must also be forced to swim to exhaustion till they sink underwater for five seconds at a time, because it’s gotta follow the Scientific Rituals. Because it’s gotta be like People Exercising Till They Drown, otherwise the scientific rituals aren’t being obeyed and the experiment supposedly will be invalid. All of that is total bullshit. They could’ve just let the rats sit quietly in chlorinated water – as if that alone isn’t bad enough – but no! they must also simultaneously exercise them almost to death!

I walked a different pathway yesterday. I went down a road where I saw a fence around a house, and in this fence, there were intertwined the branches of the trees and bushes, which had been slowly growing there for many years, and someone had neatly woven the growing branches in and out through the bars of the metal fence. The branches were gradually pinching as they got thicker, so it looked like it would have poor circulation and be painful, as it folded in an unnatural way around this fence. I don’t feel amazement or awe when I see such a manmade arrangement. I feel pain on behalf of the plant, and a desire to set it free. The whole thing must be gently and painstakingly untangled without damaging it, just as I untangled my dreadlocks without cutting my hair.

I also don’t like plants kept inside a fully enclosed bottle. It’s possible to do. People do it as a demonstration of ecology and they show that this little fully enclosed ecosystem has survived for years and years. I don’t like that either. I like knowing that it might be possible to move outside the enclosure, and I feel sorry for the plants inside the bottle. I don’t say, "Wow." I say, "Break that bottle open, right now." Those things are disturbing and uncomfortable to look at, not amazing.

I have my priorities, and my limited resources, and the risks and costs of being a superhero who invades everyone’s houses to rescue all the mistreated houseplants that shall then be portaled back to a tropical environment where they can survive outdoors where they belong, where they can reproduce and spread out and have a plant family and live a happy plant life.

Limited resources. I’m sorry that plant mistreatment has to be so low on the list of priorities. I can only say that my reactions to the sight of plant mistreatment are genuine, and that I sincerely do not like tropical houseplants that couldn’t survive locally if I had to throw them outdoors. They’re dependent and helpless for a lifetime, unless they can be released into the wild locally. I don’t react by saying "Aren’t we great for being able to grow tropical plants indoors in cold climates?" but instead I’m like, "Ugh, what am I gonna do with all these dozens of houseplants when I have to move to a new apartment?”

Or when Mom dies. Mom had houseplants at every window and in every nook and cranny. I loved the fresh air in that house, which must have resulted from the plants – the air felt fresh even in winter. But Dad is letting all the plants die. And I couldn’t stay there to deal with it. I wasn’t allowed to stay. I wanted the plants to either be given away to new owners, for free, just to get them out alive, or released into the wild.

What will I do today? I worked overnight last night and got out at 7am, then slept a while. I’m starting to get hungry now. It’s cold and yucky outside.

Science is a religion. It is not something that exists "in contrast" with religion. It is not a choice between science or religion. Science is simply one religion amongst many.


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