I went swimming and I survived!

My swimsuit arrived today. I was so excited, I went out to get it even though I have to work overnight tonight. I went to the YMCA and went swimming for only about half an hour. I definitely, unmistakably look fat. I was fat enough that it took some effort to swim down under water because I float now. I am buoyant. I was never buoyant before. Yet I was so exhausted and out of breath, I had to take frequent breaks.

I was practicing the freestyle stroke and trying to take breaths without stopping, which I never could do and became afraid to do, because I think I must have swallowed a mouthful of water one time when I was a kid and tried to breathe. So I am doing it carefully with some anxiety. I sometimes stop swimming if I take a breath, and other times I am able to keep going.

My ears need cleaned out. I must go to the doctor and get it done. I also need goggles. My eyes are all red now. I will get in aerobic shape by doing this, with zero gravity impact. No injury from pounding my hips and knees from jogging; no unnatural movements or positions like biking (especially with a long torso and short legs).

After I got out of the pool and went to Weis Market, I felt like my whole body was as heavy as lead, like I had been on a low gravity planet. But I feel good, too. My chronic fatigue syndrome will be a problem – failure to recover from exertion, and depletion of resources that take time to restock.

But swimming is so wonderful, and the YMCA is such a wonderful place, full of people.

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