I really hope I get a chance to go swimming at the YMCA, because I just bought myself a swimsuit and swim cap online. I don’t know if they will fit. I might have to try a ‘plus size’ because my hips are too fat and out of proportion with everything else (according to the sizing of swimsuits, not according to reality and normality and the variations of the human body). If I get something big enough to fit my hips, then the chest is going to be too huge. This will probably matter a lot in a swimsuit, where I have to be, um, hydrodynamic? Is that really the word? Streamlined. I can’t have a suit that sags open and lets all the water go down my chest because it’s made for size 500DD boobs to match with my large hips. So I compromised and did my best guess of what size to wear. I might have to eventually try buying another swimsuit after finding out how this one fits. I haven’t owned a swimsuit in years but I always remember having problems getting them to fit.

I’d like to make clothes on my serger machine, too. They will be custom sized.

I’m living close to the YMCA, close enough that it’s possible to just go up the street a short distance to get there, which is why I believe strongly enough that I might go swimming once in a while, so that buying a swimsuit didn’t seem like such a crazy idea.

I haven’t moved in yet. I did the paperwork and have to go give it to them and talk to them about it.

I realized also that I’m relatively close to the Unitarian
Universalist church, which I have wanted to go to. But even when I lived on that street before I still didn’t go there, just because it’s hard to do anything at all on a Sunday morning.

Being right next door to Weis Market is the best thing, even though Weis isn’t the greatest grocery store on the planet. It still has enough organic food, and the prices are relatively low, probably, compared to Wegman’s. I can get enough organic food all the time to keep myself busy. I like having more selection and more variation, but hey, I’m also next to a bus stop, so I can ride the bus to other stores across town quickly and easily too.

The only bad thing: keeping Jacob locked indoors. I don’t like that. I am happy that he gets to chase and eat mice outside. But we are waiting for the future, when we own our own territory. We will live in the woods again someday, but they will belong to me. I swear it. I will own a patch of woods, even if they are only a small patch of woods. I have to.

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