Concept of consent

I won’t have time to write. I’m between tasks at work. Some things have no possible consent. I decided circumcision or permanent removal of organs and limbs has no possible consent.

One Response to “Concept of consent”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You can add exposure to EM and chemo to that list!

    Chemo a story from my youth-

    I am reminded of spraying Japanese beetles of the tree. I was assigned the chore by my parental units and handed a ladder a chem-sprayer and an assignment. Kill the JAPS!!! the fell by the hundreds unto the back porch under my toxic cloud. I caught a buzz from the chemistry of death. Taking a shower afterwards my entire self was thrumming from neurochemical stimulation.

    EM a story from hoppy volley-

    The Emergency services had a failure in their pager system. The background radiation due to Wi-Fi and Cell Phones had overcome their antiquated pagers. They were forced to upgrade due to an overwhelming radiation density…

    Peace Love and Eternal Quaaludes’!

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