Dream, prophecy of death

I am typing on my phone. Yesterday Steve stopped by to say hi at work. I don’t know what drugs he’s on, but after I clasped his hand there were transdermal residues I had to wash off, which were giving me sensations that I recognized. It may be only tobacco, but it could be psychiatric drugs.

This may be why my dream was so vivid.

I can’t explain it all, especially typing on my phone.

There was someone, a man in the background, positioned spatially behind me but not touching me, which connected to a real life incident years ago I had thought of recently about a guy who worked at McD with me who had been in the military, who had either accidentally or deliberately aroused me by breathing against my neck from behind one time, but nothing more ever happened. In the dream there was no arousal and no touch, just the spatial positioning somewhere behind me. He was much farther behind me than the McD guy was. It may indicate he was the controller.

Then it became dark. I had barely watched some of "La La Land," (too tired to stay up and watch it all) and in that movie it darkens the background and highlights a person who is going to sing or have a meaningful moment.

The background darkened and I saw in front of me Alice, the subject of the prophecy, highlighted. Alice may have been the daughter of the military man behind me. "Military" and "ships" meant Navy, because I had just read that allegedly the Nordic aliens had discovered that the Navy was one part of the US Government that seemed more trustworthy or loyal to the Constitution.

If she was his daughter, this might be like the "Wreck of the Hesperus," a poem I had been required to memorize in either 4th or 5th grade. I was the only one, or maybe one other in my grade – was it that Deanna girl? – able to recite it perfectly. Before my orthodontic braces, before those 4 tooth removals, I used to be intelligent. I used to get good grades. I see the braces and tooth removals as the original cause of my academic decline, which is why I like Weston Price.

It was also like Titanic, and I sensed a great height below Alice where she stood in my view, like when the ship is straight up in the water before it sinks.

Alice was Alice in Wonderland from "Through The Looking Glass." I was trying to guess the types of the actors in La La Land, and one of the voices said the lovers were lookalikes. I suspected Ryan Gosling was Delta, maybe EII, so that would mean the girl was LII. Alice was also possibly LII.

CinemaSins on youtube hated "Through the Looking Glass," but I loved it. I loved her brightly colored elaborate dress. But in the dream, she wore plain clothes because I noticed nothing special about her clothes. In that movie she pilots a ship through an impossible place, and also travels through time. "Time" is also a person in the movie, who someone typed as my dual, ENFP, Sasha Baron Cohen.

I don’t like the 3 letter personality type names, except sometimes when they make it easier to figure out what intertype relation they are. I usually prefer the 4 letter names.

So, Alice was at the edge of the front of the ship, reaching out to the side, towards the right in my view, with a carved wooden sceptre. The sceptre had on the end a pine cone shaped carving, like an ancient object seen in drawings or paintings of Egyptians or maybe Sumerians, or they would be the Watchers or Fallen Angels maybe. Some people have said the pine cone reminds them of a pineal gland. It looked more like a – vegetable that begins with the letter A, where you eat the heart – the voice attacks are wrongly using autocorrect and inserting the word "asparagus" in my head, not what I was trying to say, although technically it did resemble asparagus because it was a stick, but I meant the *other* vegetable beginning with A where you remove the leaves of a green flower and eat the heart. It was featured in the lesbian teacher scene of "Antonia’s Line." Artichoke. Isn’t "artichoke" also the name of a military or government mind control project?

So she was highlighted in darkness because this was her fateful moment. They thought this sail would be calm, but it was actually going to be the storm of the century. That kind of resembles the night I had at work last night, too.

Her reaching out with a sceptre: there was either a bird or an apple, I think that’s wrong – probably a bird on some kind of post or something where she couldn’t reach it and had to use this sceptre to reach it. "They" said it could be an owl, which would connect with those owl cigars I sell, and also with a video Jesse posted on facebook, where a guy had an owl on the end of a mop or broom or stick, and was carefully easing it out the open window while it glared directly at him, and the facebook post was titled "trying to get rid of an ex-girlfriend" or something, where the girlfriend was the glaring owl. It was actually very cute.

That was the prophesied moment when she would fall off the ship and never be seen again. She took one last look at me, the viewer, although it was really to her father, the one reliving the memory or making the prophecy, or telling a story that happened in the past but putting it in the "she would" tense as he told it – that would be the night that she would fall, the last night I would see her. It felt like the grandfather talking about Harriet in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," which I watched again recently, the new American version from a few years ago, which is, practically, like Pizzagate. It’s about independently investigating serial killers.

I did not see her fall in the dream. I saw her "one last look at me" and then woke up. She supposedly would lean over the edge of the boat and fall. She was trying to get this owl off of the thing it landed on, using the sceptre. "This owl" is a cigar, Owl brand cigars, and tobacco, which I had on my hands after clasping Steve’s hands. I washed my hands really thoroughly after I recognized the transdermal residue contamination sensations, although it really might be more than tobacco – he could be on psychiatric meds. So I was trying to remove the owl from the ship I was steering, but that would be my own body.

I love Steve, but if I spend any length of time with him or near him or touching him, I become extremely contaminated with both smoke and also skin residues of tobacco, which causes me to become extremely angry and uncomfortable. He needs to stop smoking and decontaminate everything he owns.

So, that was the vivid dream. As always, there was more I could not remember. This was only a tiny moment, but very meaningful. A tiny moment where I only saw Alice reaching out to remove an unseen object, using a wooden sceptre, and I knew she would fall. The controllers gave me sinister voices when I purchased ephedra seeds years ago, warning me I had set down a lit stick of dynamite on the floor. The controllers already knew about transdermal residues and contamination before I did. The dynamite was ephedra. It destroyed everything. The owl was cute though, not like ephedra.

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