Found the flashlight

It was right on the path where I first came down the hill from my tent.

This rolling schedule is killing me. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were warm outside. At least it’s above freezing. I can’t even do the paperwork for the apartment because of total exhaustion. I’m using caffeine like crazy. I was actually able to get more done without caffeine. I intend to quit it again.

I also feel bad because it seems like dozens of people have been trying to contact me and I’m so tired and antisocial I can’t even do more than reply a few words to people.

This will make me talk about freeing the slaves, but I don’t even have the energy to do that. I only know that the world’s idea of an appropriate, acceptable work schedule is wrong. Society needs to care about the work life balance of human beings.

I can’t write on my phone about the huge topic of universal slavery and I don’t have time since I’m on my way to work. This is just a bookmark on the topic. I will always come back to the topic of universal slavery until and unless I get a job where I control my schedule and also earn enough to live a decent life.

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