Roommate pretty much says yes. Annoying customer flashed $100 bills at me.

I made it to our 9:30 am meeting today, even though I had worked until 3am. I just have to do some paperwork and stuff, which will probably happen on my day off.

I’m worried about one thing we discussed. She says she is a very light sleeper and wants people to be quiet at night, like after 11:30pm. I have some work shifts that end at 3am, and I didn’t even think of that till after I left. So I will have to find a way to sit someplace until about 7am when I can come in, or sneak extremely quietly through my own window, or something. I’ll find a way around this problem somehow.

I think I dropped my flashlight just now when I came down the hill from the tent, and it’s because of WOMEN’S CLOTHING. I think these pants are women’s. They have shallow pockets, and I stupidly put the flashlight into a pants pocket. Shallow pockets are the type of ‘style feature’ of women’s clothing that I hate that makes me want to sew my own clothes. Women’s clothing is evil, and I mean that sincerely.

I might be able to find my flashlight in the daytime tomorrow if I’m lucky, if I dropped it someplace where other people won’t see it. It’s not sentimental, really, and it’s kind of old and yucky looking. It’s this ‘gel’ covered flashlight from Walmart. They have this gooey stuff on the outside to make it soft to hold. I kind of like that because it prevents it from sliding out of my hand easily, or out of anything easily, including pockets, but apparently I must have bent into a weird enough position to make it fall out, while I was struggling down the snow covered hill with my bike.

I also need water soon, or we are going to run out. I have had to throw out more water than I want to, because it’s freezing in Jacob’s bowl, and I add just a little layer of water on top of the frozen block and offer it to him, and he doesn’t drink it all, so a new layer freezes, until it’s overflowing and I have to throw out the block and start filling it from the bottom again. Today it melted, which was nice.

This roommate, I don’t know her personality type, but she seems to be a cheerful, friendly IJ type, and could theoretically be an INFJ, although I really don’t know for sure. She could also be an ISFJ. I guess I will figure it out over time.

You’d think I’d be filling out that paperwork as fast as possible and getting it turned in, but I’m waiting for a day off. I’m just too tired to do anything that requires actual thinking and effort.

I can’t wait to get some real food. This apartment is fortunately right next to Weis Market, as in, you can just look out the door or the windows (if any were facing that direction) and see it. The roommate mentioned that Weis doesn’t have a huge amount of variety, and I agree with her, but it has enough organic stuff to please me.

I am also close to the YMCA, and I wanted to buy a swimsuit and start swimming, although I’d want to cover my hair with a swim cap and make sure it didn’t get chlorine in it. I’d want to put oil on my hair first, maybe. They say if you wet your hair first with
non-chlorinated water, it will soak up less of it, and I agree, maybe for a few minutes, but over time, I think the chlorine would still soak in. I don’t really believe that technique is effective for very long if at all.

The swimsuit I want will be a – I had to google these words – legsuit, or boyleg, or unitard – I googled variations of that word until I found pictures of what I wanted. I started off looking for ‘boylegs’ because I knew it was something like that, because they also make underwear with that kind of leg. That is so I don’t have to shave. It doesn’t matter with my underwear but I will be uncomfortable in public (unless I am surrounded by like-minded people who have the same opinions and values I do).

I am also right next to the South Hills Business School. I didn’t really want to go there, but it’s not entirely out of the question, and might still be an option.

So this is all over in the Waupelani Drive area, a part of town that I enjoy living in, and I knew Jesse when I lived there, and his house is nearby, so if he ever comes home from Washington, it will be easy to reach him. I am also near Chris, which is a sort of blessing with some hesitation, because he’s the drug-addicted guy who wants to steal my money, but was nice about it afterwards, and we made up, and he hasn’t stolen any since then. That is also the house where I encountered Stefan, and one thing I plan to do once I get into an apartment where I can take showers and have a more sanitary lifestyle is I want to go back to the doctor again and get some more tests and antibiotics.

So being close to that apartment might not really be a blessing, but yet, I like them (other than Stefan – he really, totally solidified my mild, long-term, latent racism, so now it’s much more blatant and explicit, and I guess I’m one of the people who feels emboldened by having Trump in office even though Trump himself doesn’t explicitly say racist things to the public – but yes, mainly Stefan is the reason why I am much more overtly racist, with the words and thoughts in my own mind, than I was before. I still don’t say it out loud.).

There is a very annoying black customer who comes in on overnights. He has gotten drunk and was singing very loudly at the top of his lungs one night, and he talks about God a lot. One guy who works there considers him a friend and talks nicely about him and says this guy was going through a bad time a few weeks ago, which is supposedly why he was drunk and annoying. But it turns out even when he isn’t completely drunk and singing loudly, I still absolutely can’t stand him. My best guess for his possible personality type is ESFJ.

A couple nights ago I was working alone, and he has been gradually becoming aware that I exist and has been trying to seduce me. Because of my recent experiences of having reluctant sex (but not quite outright rape) with a black man who gave me an STD, this triggers outright revulsion and disgust. The other night he was talking constantly while I was making his food and saying nothing, struggling to concentrate but burning his food several times because I couldn’t think while he was loudly and constantly talking to me, and he was saying stuff like ‘I WOULD TREAT YOU LIKE A *QUEEN*’, which makes me say, ugh. Yuck! That’s the type of thing Stefan said. Stefan was all like, ‘I wanna take care of you!’ And even Charles, the least offensive of the black men I know, who worked at Maki Yaki with me and helped me out, along with Kat, is crossing the line – he has been violating my space bubble every time I have seen him or ridden in the car with him, and I don’t want to ride in the car with him anymore, and he was touching my leg when I was in the passenger seat, albeit just brief taps, but still – yuck. I was talking with him and he was standing near me and waving his hands around, gesticulating while talking, but his hand movements were coming closer and closer to the space bubble of my breasts, and I could feel that he was attempting to ‘accidentally’ touch my breasts while waving his hands around, so I kept backing away from him bit by bit. The conclusion that I am drawing from all these experiences is, yes, it’s true what I’ve read on the overt racist websites – black men just constantly want to fuck anything that moves. IT’S… TRUE.

Oh, I didn’t finish my story about the annoying guy at work talking while I made his food. When he was paying for his food, he pulled all the money out of his wallet, and it was all these HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS, and he piled up all the hundred dollar bills on the counter and was counting his other money that he was going to give to me, just to show me all the hundred dollar bills he had. I have seen people do this to me before, showing me that they have a wallet full of hundred dollar bills. The one person who did it, Gerber at Kaarma, was Guatemalan, although larger than the pygmy Guatemalans, and I had more fondness for him and less revulsion, so I wasn’t disgusted when I saw him openly shuffling through wads of hundred dollar bills in my line of sight. Another person who did it was a cousin or relative of a senator, and his name was… I forget, but it was a Pennsylvania senator who I kind of slightly liked, or disliked less, because he had a look of sadness and tiredness which seemed sincere. This guy, the cousin, had turtles, and drove a truck for a living, and he pulled out a big wad of hundred dollar bills in front of me when I went on a walk with him at the Boalsburg Military Museum. These are people who want to pay for sex. If I could remember that guy’s name. I won’t remember it now.

So this guy was dumping his pile of hundred dollar bills on the counter and my reaction was ‘Ugh, put that away, that’s disgusting,’ but I said nothing out loud. I knew exactly what he was doing and the very idea was revolting.

I’m kind of sick right now, which is why I’m focused on talking about disgusting events. My stomach is sick and I’m hungry and I want to eat, but feel like I can’t. I had diarrhea earlier. So I am preoccupied with talking about subjects that are emotionally associated with feeling sickened, due to the fact that I literally am physically sick right now. It has me stuck in that mind state.

I just can’t wait to get a refrigerator filled with real food. That’s all I’m thinking about. And I hope I can get the swimsuit and start swimming at the YMCA without ruining my hair. And I will have to look at what that school offers and make sure I really don’t want to go there. I do still want to go to the votech school. But I haven’t decided yet and I have to wait till I get in an apartment so I can focus on other stuff more easily and make more progress.

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