Sigh. Snow.

I called off work. I had to go in at 3pm, which means it would still be snowing. I explained to my manager that I’m camping and my cat and belongings are here and I have to keep the snow from crushing everything. It was embarrassing to explain. I hadn’t expected a huge blizzard. I was trying to get an apartment, and I have an appointment to go see one girl tomorrow about possibly being a roommate, but it isn’t official yet. The process takes time.

I have had a problem with mental numbness, and I think I am contaminated. There was a woman at the store, at work, who was standing against the MAC machine not moving. She was seemingly homeless, dirty and smelly. She was acting strange. I touched her to try to wake her up and didn’t know if she needed a 911 call or anything. She eventually became more responsive and sat down, but I think I got contaminated with a psychiatric drug, which is now on my clothing. I have had this mental numbness that won’t go away. I need a decon, but I will get cleaned up once I move into an apartment.

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