Mainstream media disclosure (and distortion) of microwave spying: Kellyanne Conway

I have not read her original statements in context. I only saw some headlines about this, and some little summaries of articles that I didn’t read.

Basically, it sounds like she was attempting to say that microwaves, just the beams, radio frequencies, are able to spy on people, but either she herself, or the people listening to her, misunderstood her to mean ‘microwave ovens.’ I don’t know if she herself actually said ‘microwave ovens.’ It doesn’t really matter. In a distorted way, the concept of microwaves being used to spy on people is now being mentioned in the mainstream media, and talked about, as a result of Trump and the people associated with him. Also, considering what we know about devices being used to spy on people, such as the TV listening to you (Vault 7), there’s no reason why microwave ovens wouldn’t either. Especially if they are ‘smart’ ovens that are somehow connected to the internet or something. But even so, even if that’s not what she meant, the words ‘microwaves’ and ‘spying’ are being used in the same sentence, in such a way that people are able to connect those two things together, and therefore are being seeded with the disclosure about the fact that microwaves are being used on people in all kinds of ways, not just for spying, but for mind control as well.

One Response to “Mainstream media disclosure (and distortion) of microwave spying: Kellyanne Conway”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Make the people who see the TRANSGENDAR seem like LUNATICS>>>>>

    A spoonful from before you were born….

    My brain’s bucket list…

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