I’ve been so tired; finally had a chance to watch some videos; Anaya already went to Antarctica years ago

11:10 PM 3/12/2017

I’m off work today and tomorrow – two days in a row for some reason – and then I have what I am calling a ‘rolling’ schedule. It’s totally chaotic and it changes every day. It’s going to be extremely hard.

Meanwhile, we are having cold weather with long periods below freezing. I want Jacob’s water bowl to thaw so that I don’t have to keep putting liquid water in it every time he needs to drink. I offer that to him very often whenever I am home in the tent, but when I’m working, he has to go long hours with a frozen water bowl. I put bottles of water in the sleeping bag to thaw them if it’s necessary, but usually the gallon jugs don’t completely freeze in the tent, so I still have liquid water to give to him most of the time.

I haven’t been feeling very sociable. I feel extremely tired, and all I was able to do was sleep most of the day – I got out of work last night at 11, then came home, slept all the night, and slept most of today too, although not sleeping the whole time, just lying in the tent.

I was able to watch some videos, finally. I haven’t been able to spend much time on the internet, but I had a chance to watch some alien disclosure stuff from David Wilcock and Corey Goode today.

Right now, during this time when I will have the ‘rolling schedule’ along with freezing weather – the freezing weather makes it very hard for me to get out of bed at all – I am also trying to continue contacting someone about an apartment. I have to make another appointment to go visit with her.

She said she liked me, when I had thought that she didn’t. I figured she was waiting for the perfect roommate, and that perfect roommate wasn’t me; however, the next day, ‘they’ woke me up with a song playing in my head, which I had heard on the radio at work, and I forget the title of the song, but it was ‘I try to say goodbye and I choke, try to walk away and I stumble, if I try to hide it, it’s clear, my world crumbles when you are not here.’ They were telling me that this girl is actually more fragile and in need of help than I thought she was. She only appears to be strong and she only appears to not need me and not need any help. She verified this by texting me again and telling me outright that actually she liked me and wanted us to meet again and discuss some more things.

I need to do some things, like text various people or fill out various forms, but right now, I am at an extremely low level of functioning, and the cold weather is making it much worse. There are things I need to do that I’m not doing, like finish the paperwork I need to do to make sure I continue getting food stamps. If I don’t do it, I will have to apply for them all over again. It won’t be the end of the world, it will just be another huge hassle, and the food stamps money is extremely helpful, especially when I am renting an apartment.

I’m hoping to use my serger sewing machine in the apartment, but I suspect I will be inhibited by concern for people hearing the noise. I will need to ask the neighbors if there’s a certain time of day when the noise is going to cause a problem for them, and don’t use it at that time of day. Using a sewing machine is very important for my continual lifelong process of decontamination. I can never fully decontaminate once and for all whenever I keep getting exposed to pesticides through various accidents. I have mostly gotten rid of the ephedra, which is where all this decontamination began, but frequent recurring incidents of pesticide exposure, which are not my fault and which are impossible to avoid in this world, will force me to always need new clothing, and my total hatred of the type of clothing I buy in the store makes me want to make the clothing myself.

I need to get ready to study and do homework, if I am going to go to the vocational school or a community college. It’s impossible to study in the tent because it’s too cold to get out of the sleeping bag, for many months of the year, and I don’t have a desk. I could set up as many things as I wanted, a desk, a heat source, and so on, if I were confident that my shelter, my house, was protected and safe against intrusions, against people finding it and calling the police and the police coming in and slashing holes in my tent because the person who called them was ‘concerned.’

That is something that ‘they’ show me as a sort of threatening image, regarding disclosure. They show me images of a tarp being pulled off my tent. (a camouflage tarp). It’s not analogous. The people who are cloaking their gigantic ships and weapons are much *more* powerful, wealthy, and technologically advanced than the people who will see the disclosure. They are *not* physically vulnerable to those people. The people who could potentially look at the ships being uncloaked are totally helpless, totally subjugated, totally impoverished, and totally incapable of doing the slightest thing at all to attack the ships. They can merely watch helplessly. Meanwhile, with my tent, I am one single person with no money, no power, no weapons, no defenses, no technology, surrounded by people who are wealthy, powerful, and violent. If my tent is disclosed to these neighbors, they will behave like the police officers behaved: destroy it.

I’m interested in the idea of underground breakaway civilizations, and civilizations in Antarctica: years ago, before I read about the digging in Antarctica and the pre-Adamites, I had already been interested in the Arctic and the Antarctic, and was already writing a little story about the Anaya people, who had already set up their breakaway civilization there, and who were picking out people from the mainstream population to bring them in. It was a brief, unfinished little story written under the influence of St. John’s Wort (if I recall), written on paper.

The Anaya people were using ‘tunnels.’ The ‘tunnels’ were the one big interesting and unusual piece of technology that I had in my story. With the tunnels, it was something that went over the ground, not underground, and it was invisible, but the people would walk through it and be invisible from the outside; however, it was possible for people to stumble through it by accident. It was not impenetrable. So they had to use caution in how they used the tunnels. The tunnels were set up to stay in one place for long periods of time. The individual people weren’t cloaking their own bodies individually, but instead went through a tunnel that sat in one place for a long time. If somebody stumbled into it, they would not understand what they were seeing and they would only see the surrounding landscape – it is invisible and doesn’t look like a tunnel from the inside. You have to know where it is, exactly where it is, and I assume they have technology that tells them where to walk or enables them to see the walls of the tunnel.

The secrets of the Anaya were guarded by maze-like pathways, hidden pathways, and these tunnels. I had mazes in some of my most fascinating dreams a long time ago as a teenager, fascinating and terrifying dreams, where there was a deep, dark maze in that little door in the attic, the doorway into the – I forget what it was called, the little room directly under the roof, with the fluffy pink insulation in the walls, and the wooden beams. The crawlspace. Dreams about crawlspaces and secret passages were always fascinating. The maze was so huge and so deep, and dark, and terrifying – if you got lost in it, it was horrible, you would surely die. There were things in the maze, and many places you could go.

The Anaya maze paths weren’t like that. Or maze tunnels. It was about conceiving the inconceivable, thinking the unthinkable, doing the impossible. To reach the Anaya haven, their most secret protected area, their sacred place, you had to know where to get on the path, where to begin, the specific unique locations to start from, and then, you might actually have to double back on your own path, like you were going back to the beginning, which seems like it wouldn’t make sense – if you were trying to go somewhere, why on earth would you turn around and double back on your own pathway? It had to be done like a secret code, like a combination lock, and some of that combination involved doing the same thing more than once. So, in order to get there, you might have to drive down the same street several times, in several different directions, which would appear to be not making any progress along a path.

But after you have done the correct series of motions down the various mazes of paths, you reach the Anaya haven, the sacred place where they shield you from electronic mind control. Valuing free will above almost all else is their law.

I didn’t really invent this idea – it was given to me when I was under the influence of St. John’s Wort and was writing that little story fragment, which was never finished. But in that story, they were going to Antarctica, because it was an unwanted place that nobody else wanted to try to live on, so it was the best place on earth to be free. To be free, you have to go to the places that are so
undesirable, nobody else wants to live there, so they leave you alone and they don’t steal your land. It actually is a very desirable place for meat eaters, which, sadly, separates me from a large number of other people interested in the ‘UFO religions,’ who are vegan. It’s possible to get all your food from the ocean there. But I am interested in lichens. Maybe it’s possible to grow and eat lichens. I don’t know.

Then it turns out that Antarctica is the ‘next big thing’ in the disclosure movement. Suddenly everyone is aware of Antarctica.

It’s impossible for me to imagine a society unified in their beliefs and values, without conflict. I would want to be saved by the secret people, rescued by them, taken to their haven. But they would have to be simultaneously good and powerful. Goodness and power never go together, so conceiving of people who are simultaneously good and powerful is one of my religious meditations, to imagine people who are both good and powerful. It requires me to teach my brain that such a thing is possible, because I have never, ever, ever seen it in real life. I have never, ever seen a person who was simultaneously powerful and good. Powerful people are always evil, and good people are always helpless.

If I ever buy a piece of land, before I die, if I have time, if I can do it, I want to build an intentional community. I don’t know yet how I will enforce the law, or even what exactly the law will be. The laws of Anaya are very few, and vague. They haven’t all been written yet, and I don’t know how to guard the spirit of the law, guard the spirit of the Anaya, so that the spirit will be preserved in future laws as they are written.

Intentional communities were always the only thing that gave me hope for the world, because I hate the world as it is. I hate almost everything around me. But an intentional community that literally went underground, so that it could not be infiltrated by people from the outside, or corrupted, would be able to develop a civilization that was completely different from ours up here on the land. The laws are there to protect it from corruption. There’s no point in living in a separate, different society if it turns out to be just as horrible as the one I came from.

I guess I will go ahead and post this. I’m off again tomorrow. I have to get enough energy to contact that girl and try to meet her so we can be roommates. There are so many people trying to contact me now, and I’m exhausted and antisocial, and I haven’t gotten back to anybody. I have several people who have called me, texted me, or sent me messages, and I’m just too exhausted to answer any of them or deal with any of them. I really, really haven’t been feeling well. I can’t wait for the warm weather – it will help so, so much.

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