Truth be told, I’m lying – hope it gives you hell

“They” woke me this morning with a real world example of the “Liar Paradox,” which is trivial in its pure form. “This statement is a lie.” If it is true, then it is a lie. If it is a lie, then it is true. In all my 42 years of life, I have never been in a situation where someone said that to me and it was important for me to decide whether it was true or false. However, the song “Hope it gives you hell,” which I hear often at work, says “Truth be told, I’m lying.” You know he means he’s lying in a general way, maybe not about this very sentence, but about other things he has said recently to you, such as he hopes it makes you suffer. He actually misses you and really doesn’t want you to suffer. I also am thinking of things like “Russia hacked the US election” and “The CIA can hack something and leave fake Russian hacking fingerprints behind to make us think Russia did it.” This does not cause a meltdown in my brain; instead I know further info is needed, such as, somebody saw a room full of Russians sitting at their computers, or some Russians bragged about hacking the election. These are places where the usual pure computer logic is less able to deal with real situations, but some kind of inconsistency tolerant logic is better. Something stays both true and untrue until more info comes in.

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