Do lottery machine printouts match cash register lottery sales numbers?

We have scratch off.tickers, which are a separate issue – right now I’m talking about the machine that prints tickets.for powerball and all that. The machine prints a ticket with the info on it and scanner code box things. But then, you separately type in to.the cash register that you sold a $2 ticket or whatever. The cash register does not connect to the lottery printer to verify that the same number are being printed as are being paid for. So you could have a buddy who.gets tickets printed for free, and they make a small net profit from the small wins. A human has to verify that lottery sales paid for match lottery tickets printed. Whose job is it to verify that those numbers match? How many mistakes are allowed? How many mistakes signal that it’s being done deliberately? Free lottery tickets give you a small net profit because of the frequent small wins designed to keep you addicted.

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