Paraconsistent logic, inconsistent mathematics, contradictions are allowed

For some reason they randomly urged me to do a Google search for non-mainstream math systems. I didn’t see anything, but then used the word "unorthodox," and found something.

There is a system where the math tolerates contradictions. It doesn’t instantly discard the whole system completely, but instead somehow tries to keep working with it. I don’t know the details yet.

I like this kind of thing. It reminds me of how excited I felt, decades ago, discovering there was a thing called "chaos theory," and another thing called "fuzzy logic." They try in various ways to explain real life phenomena, instead of being an unnatural, perfectionistic, abstract system.

Imaginary numbers, the square root of negative one, eventually were used to explain something with electricity (I don’t know the details). So inconsistent math, or paraconsistent logic, could also have some real world application.

I know that my own brain tolerates contradictions, and the universe doesn’t collapse. I do something further with the information. Information is always incomplete. You can never know everything, but you must postulate anyhow, and use those postulates, in the world. A partial system with mistakes is still useful, for example, socionics. It has mistakes and it’s being worked on, but it is very useful.

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