How come lottery winners don’t write blogs about their experiences?

I haven’t done a super-dedicated research project yet. Searching for ANYTHING on the internet nowadays, now that Altavista doesn’t exist anymore, is impossible: search engines exist for the purpose of sending you to pages you DON’T want to go to. Their goal is to send you to pages that advertisers want you to go to. So most of the stuff you find is trash, piled up really high, in front of a tiny number of real results that are nearly impossible to filter out so you can see them easily.

That’s what happened when I tried to search for phrases like ‘won the lottery’ in blogs. Are any lottery winners blogging about what they did when they won the lottery? Can it be an accident that out of all the people winning the lottery, not a single one of them knows how to use the internet? Not a single one of them talked about all their parties and vacations and breast augmentations that they got with their millions of dollars? Not one? Not ever?

All you can find are pages made by lottery-controlled sites, ABOUT other people who won the lottery, never written BY the winners themselves. It’ll be, like, a long list of brief news stories about this or that lottery winner, but never, ever, ever any blogs written by the winners themselves.

This just adds to my theory that lottery winners don’t exist. And the fact that sometimes, people supposedly win the lottery MORE THAN ONCE makes it even weirder and more suspicious. The lottery is not real. Or if anyone does win, they did something dishonest to win, or had some kind of special relationship with the lottery corporations.

2 Responses to “How come lottery winners don’t write blogs about their experiences?”

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    … me set them free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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