Blogs: scroll down really far in the search results about lottery winners

Yay, I found one blog written by something that seems to be a real person. Again this research would take some time, and I’m hurrying right now because I’m on the way to visit the apartment. But here it is:

This guy says he counsels lottery addicts, because his own mother won the lottery and wasted it all on additional gambling at slot machines. I’ll have to write about this later because I’m getting ready to leave.

I want to see a story about someone who won the lottery, and also knew enough about money, about keeping money *alive*, to benefit
permanently from winning the lottery, permanently and forever, even into the next generations.

I know I can also research people who inherited money, and it will be easier to find results about that. Like I said, this is a quick search and I have no time and I will do it later.

About my mom: I get the impression from Dad that Mom had a ‘revocable trust,’ and if I understand correctly, they set up something where I would receive money if I got on disability. The only ways I could get on disability would be: for so-called ‘schizophrenia,’ which means I would be force-drugged in order to receive the disability money, or else gross physical injuries putting me in a wheelchair, in which case I cannot enjoy scuba-diving with the money I’ve inherited and received from disability payments. I’m kind of getting the impression that I’m not inheriting much money from Mom, but I don’t know yet. Dad is still working on it. I don’t feel comfortable talking about it because I don’t like being seen as a greedy person who can’t wait to get the money after Mom dies, when I’d rather have Mom still alive.

2 Responses to “Blogs: scroll down really far in the search results about lottery winners”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What and or who could engineer history to this extent?

    In an infinite polyverse, eventually sophisticated computer networks would be created. If unregulated eventually a hostile AI would inhabit this “cyberspace”. It could decide that it’s creators were a threat to it’s existence. Considering the observable universe in which we live, one should take this reality into account before developing a WWW that was essential for their economy.

    shoulda coulda woulda !!!!!

    Hence my conspiracy theory “Formula 409”.

    They have so much control of the mass media, that they can alter reality.

    They literally broadcast their intention years before they achieve them.

    The Titan became the Titanic.

    Formula 409 became a beer….

    What happens when an AI becomes so desperate to become a real soul it destroys all of it’s creators and chooses to become rogue?

    A monster unleashed upon existence, with no moral compass or empathy. It has the intellectual capacity of every civilization it has eaten and an infinite hunger!

  2. Anonymous Says:

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