What is disclosure? Teaching in a one room schoolhouse

I was definitely sick last night and was in a bad mood. I’m glad to see everyone in YouTube and elsewhere is talking about Vault 7. Disclosure: what is disclosure? It means some authority figure knows something which it is physically impossible for the average person to know, such as the UFOs seen on the government’s radar. We don’t have access to that technology, so they can keep secrets. Vault 7, so far, has a lot of info about how the CIA are spying through all devices, on all people. But still failing to catch murderous kidnapping torturing abusive rapist pedophiles, because the CIA is like the NSA, watching through the computers so that they themselves can see little kids undressing in front of the webcam. Put a stop to it??? Those files are a valuable revenue source! But anyway. To be fair, CIA members are human and don’t want to be murdered, so they don’t make war against other members of their own government. Disclosure: what is relevant? What is important? What is useful? What had impact? They fear that disclosure of global mind control probably put on us by aliens would cause people to commit suicide or something. So they’re not telling us that. I am in a one room schoolhouse, where I must hear the same kindergarten teachings over and over. We’re being spied on. The next generation doesn’t know this yet. I can’t blame them for not knowing. Kids must always be taught, for eternity. Kids will never be born knowing. But advanced disclosures come after preliminary, prerequisite disclosures. Once you learn about hackers, you must learn about electronic weapons. You must learn that Evil Exists. This is a prerequisite. Many people still do not know that Evil Exists. They think this is a happy safe world where nothing bad ever happens. There are many things people must learn that are not simply disclosures. For example, is there one single authority figure hiding the knowledge of cancer cures? Can’t disclose what we don’t know.

One Response to “What is disclosure? Teaching in a one room schoolhouse”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The only way you can defeat evil is to learn how to kill it without becoming it.


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