Are psychiatric drugs the cause of the disclosure phenomenon?

Edward Snowden was taking, and quitting, intermittently and at unknown times, seizure medications. All drugs have side effects, including the lowering of inhibition. He risked his own life and his family’s to disclose. Someone else did the same to give us Vault 7. Were they on drugs? Did that give them the courage to do it? It’s a shame they have to disclose, once again, only those things they are *allowed* to disclose, but nothing really advanced, and this disclosure can be twisted to the murdering pedophiles’ benefit. I know from my own experience that when I was on drugs, I “tested” whether hackers were spying on me, once I realized that they were, and they responded to my tests and interacted with me by doing things to the computer, or by turning the electricity off and on at the house or my workplace, or by giving hangup calls, or other weird calls from telemarketers taking surveys, or prank calls, or emails that contained images of people obtained by facial recognition software to look exactly like me, without being an actual picture of me. It was all for harassment and entertainment, and was all “plausibly deniable.” No one believed me when I said hackers were watching my house, seeing what I did at home, then making fake spam letters with images of people who looked like me, doing whatever I had done in the house. Why would anyone waste time using their technology to do something so pointless and obsessive? Because evil insanity exists, and evil pointless insanity performs evil pointless insane rituals that have no effect, for magical purposes – Satanic rituals. The government is performing Satanic rituals and following insane delusional religious belief systems. That is why they spend enormous amounts of time doing things that have no useful effect. If you don’t believe they are doing Satanic rituals, read about Podesta and Abramovic “spirit cooking.” They really do these things.They go to parties where people lie in tubs of blood etc.

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