Laundry is drying. Yay!

I actually made it to the laundromat and have a load of laundry in the dryer right now. I haven’t washed my hair yet, but at least I got one small thing done before work. I go to work at 3:00. I still have some time to wash my hair. I’m just sitting around watching stuff on the internet and youtube right now, just relaxing. It’s raining a lot today.

I did have a lot of stuff I wanted to write about, but right now I don’t feel energetic enough. I still feel very sleepy and yucky and mentally and physically tired. My brain doesn’t feel alert enough yet to express those thoughts. I didn’t have a ton of caffeine – it requires a ton, now, to get any results, now that I am so addicted to it and so immune to it once again.

These really were interesting thoughts, thoughts about what tobacco consumers want, the different markets for tobacco, the people who buy artificially flavored cigars and don’t care at all about
cancer-causing chemicals or additives, and the people who buy American Spirit, thinking to themselves that something about those cigarettes is less toxic or better for the environment or something – It’s interesting, you’re not allowed to actually come out and say that some cigarettes are less dangerous than others, but it *has to* be true. There has to be some degree of toxicity, which is variable depending on what chemicals are in the cigarettes. The paper could be unbleached and contain no dioxin, for instance. Nitrosamines – supposedly, snus is less cancer-causing because something about the way it’s cured, the way it’s processed, causes it to develop smaller amounts of nitrosamines. Surely somebody could take that idea and go with it?

I also was comparing houses to printed paper money. There will have to be another housing market collapse. The interest rates are being raised again, and, even though I’m not a libertarian or capitalist anymore, I do agree with their explanations about what causes market bubble collapses – artificially increasing the artificially controlled interest rates is what triggers the bubbles to pop. So, there will be some kind of economic collapse soon, because the Fed has raised the rates a couple of times.

A taxi company in State College went out of business because of Uber. It’s hard for me to imagine that a taxi company could actually go out of business here, but it’s true. I just took a taxi the other day and the driver told me he was formerly from that other company. He said that nowadays, people come to this town from other cities, because they are going to school here, not living here permanently, and so they aren’t aware of any of the taxi companies in town, they don’t get phone books delivered to them anymore because nobody has an actual landline phone, they don’t see the yellow pages with taxi companies listed in them anymore, and they have Uber programmed into their phones already from when they were in the city they came from, so they just call Uber again after coming here to State College and Penn State. Taxi companies are losing all that business.

It was hard to explain my strange insight (especially when I don’t feel well and my brain is sludgy) about houses. It was the idea that nobody should ever, theoretically, move out of an apartment, leaving it empty. And there should never be any reason to build new apartments. It was hard to explain. I had this direct analogy to printed money somehow. The insight is no longer obvious to me when I look back on it with a sludgy sick brain.

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