I need to consolidate my phone numbers

I have several tracfones. I want to save all the numbers and have them directed to only one physical phone. I also want the physical phone to have the perfect design, but that is another story. Phone number consolidation would be like how you can make gmail bring together all your different gmail addresses if you have more than one. You can forward them to one login. I also need to write more about the lottery, but on my laptop, not on my phone where it’s hard to type. The lottery is not merely hackable, it is already hacked. Past tense, not theoretical possibility. Or general ongoing condition which began in the past. It is controlled by various people. The guy who tried to hack it probably got caught because his name wasn’t on the list of approved winners. He was anonymous. They’re like, “Who’s this ‘anonymous’ winner? I thought only Joe Smith was scheduled to win this time?” I sincerely believe the lottery works that way. There was a funny incident where hundreds of people won because they used the same lucky numbers in a Chinese fortune cookie. Who decides what those fortune cookies say? Can you influence what gets printed in fortune cookies? They should ALWAYS win. But my beliefs about land ownership, money, and the right to exist, along with my belief that robots can do all human labor, along with my beliefs about hunter gatherer lifestyles, all combine to make me think that somebody somewhere somehow can and should provide a pittance of some sort to all people. But it’s complicated. I’m not a capitalist anymore. I don’t know what I am. I’m not comfortable calling myself a communist or socialist.


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