I hate craigslist and I hate apartment hunting

So I actually ended up leaving work early. We’re really slow because the students are out of town for spring break. I mentioned to my coworker that I just felt really tired and crappy, and he suggested that I leave work early, since we’re not very busy anyway. I texted the manager and she said it was okay.

I decided to try to use the time apartment hunting. It has been a dismal failure so far. I’ve written all these emails to people on craigslist and made a bunch of phone calls. The one guy answered my call, and then said he’d get back to me in a little bit, but hasn’t called or texted again, so I’m guessing it’s just gone for no reason or a random reason – they say ‘flag discriminatory housing ads,’ but they say nothing about flagging discriminatory assholes who don’t like me because I’m 42 and I live and work in town instead of being a student, which is what I assume the problem is. OH MY GOD, WOE IS ME, I’M 42 AND I’M NOT A STUDENT, HOW HORRIBLE, THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD, I CAN’T POSSIBLY BE A ROOMMATE WITH THIS PERSON.

I also called several different numbers for places that had signs out front with phone numbers on them saying they had rooms for rent. But all those places only answer during business hours, and I left work after business hours, so none of them answered me. I’ve called some places more than once and even left messages and nobody has gotten back to me.

Two of my coworkers gave me numbers to call, and one of them I had on a piece of paper which is now in a bag of stuff that I cleaned out of my backpack. The other one, I forgot about till just now, but it’s programmed into my phone, and I could call it, it’s just that I have absolutely no idea where his apartments are located and know nothing about them whatsoever other than ‘I know some guy who has some apartments for rent’ kind of thing. I guess I could try calling that number too.

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