I can’t go back to sleep

There are things I have to do. I have paperwork and unopened mail. I will lose my food stamps and have to reapply for them if I don’t do this paperwork. I must go to another doctor about the STD. The free clinic recommended MedExpress. I have to make more phone calls about apartments. I have to wash my hair and do laundry. I am so tired from work and coffee that I can’t get out of bed. I still also have pesticides on my blankets causing chronic fatigue. I need a massive decon. And my mom’s voice is on a voicemail message that I keep re-saving. I need to save it elsewhere. The only good thing is I have an income, my job is tolerable, and I get along with my coworkers. I’m adjusting to the world of cigarettes, lottery, gasoline, and junk food. We have some nice dried meats that I sincerely like, elk and venison. I’m typing on my phone with the cat in my way so I can’t write much more in detail. A question for later : what do tobacco customers want? I postulate that the millennial tobacco buyer wants organic, healthy tobacco with no additives, even though it must still carry the warnings about cancer. We want tobacco that does whatever is in its power to reduce cancer causing substances. This is a niche market. I need to also talk later about the mainstream tobacco buyers.

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