I’m having a rough day

So the reason I thought the police were attacking me again was because I absolutely could not find the gallon of water ANYWHERE, in spite of digging through all the piles of junk repeatedly. An entire gallon of water disappeared. So I figured someone took it, to harass me, and it had to be the police. That might not have been clearly explained. I then found the bottle earlier today. I was trying to sleep all day today and I’m doing an overnight shift tonight. Jacob and I were warm last night thanks to the blue insulation mats for camping. I have them inside the sleeping bags. But the cold makes it impossible to get out of bed and do anything. I woke up from a dream where a lion was chasing me, and had a couple minutes of sunlight and relative warmth left at sunset, so I was able to put some trash in a bag. It was a big pile and that’s why I couldn’t find things. I can’t clean up trash in cold weather.

2 Responses to “I’m having a rough day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    g the last “Snowstorm” my water delivery day went awry.

    I only got 4×5 gallon jugs.

    I Assumed that was because of the ice/snow conditions on the lane.
    Buttocks no he ran out of water…

    So while that Catten in heat was yowling in the window and lo and behold there was a water truck on my front stoop this Monday.

    So fifty gallons later another chunk 6’x6′ of the barn is burnt and the jugs won’t freeze.

    PS- sorry bout the random chars a spilt drink won’t kill the puter and keyboards are cheap!


  2. Nicole Says:

    I’m trying to remember, do you get drinking water delivered there because of the acid mine drainage? I remember you telling me about the acid mine stuff.

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