Houses are printed like money by the housing monopoly

I had sage in my coffee and maybe that’s why I’m having strange thoughts. I had the insight that a new room should never be needed at an apartment complex. No room should ever be empty, and additional rooms don’t need to be built. It is only instability and relocation causing rooms to be emptied and taken again. Room have turnover, like money changing hands. Can’t detail this analogy in 1000 character text message. Trade, versus creation of your own. New kids create house inflation as they move out of parents’. But that’s global, not local. Locally, new houses built due to changing trends in where people live. Analogous to money printed by banks.

5 Responses to “Houses are printed like money by the housing monopoly”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a very High Cliff, but it’s only the internets…


  2. nebbie916 Says:

    Cat Longevity on Vitality Science:

    This website says that the oldest cat was a barn cat who died at the age of 47 years. This cat never saw the vet, never had a vaccination, never took pharmaceuticals, ate fresh, raw, non-GMO mice*, and got plenty of fresh air (something that permenantly indoor cats are robbed of) and exercise (something that most permanently indoor cats don’t get enough of).

    * Speaking of non genetically modified (GMO) mice and non genetically modified (non-GMO) mice, I remember two genetically modified cartoon lab mice from Animaniacs named Pinky and the Brain. Their segment spun off into its own show. There is an episode of Animaniacs where the cartoon cat, Rita is put in a cage with Pinky and tries to eat the latter. If that episode were made in this day and age (the year 2017), she would’ve refused to eat Pinky in light of him being a genetically spliced (i.e., a GMO) mouse and that GMOs are harmful. GMO crops (like GM corn and soy) are also made Roundup (which contains glyphosate) ready and sprayed with pesticides, including glyphosate.

  3. Anonymous Says:

  4. Nicole Says:

    I keep thinking that my cat Jacob is going to live an extremely long time. Now I know not to be surprised if it turns out to be something like 50 years. I will have to write in my will who’s going to get him after I’m gone. Jacob is sometimes catching non-GMO mice outdoors in Walnut Springs Park – he caught one just the other day when the weather was warm, and he ate it, and I know because I saw some disgusting …. fragments…. lying around in front of the tent. :[ As for Pinky and the Brain, I didn’t watch the cartoon enough to know their background and I didn’t know that they were genetically modified, but I have seen them before and watched a couple episodes. But that explains why they were the way they were.

  5. nebbie916 Says:

    That barn cat that lived to 47 years never saw the vet, so it is likely that cat never got spayed or castrated. Spaying and castrating may lengthen an individual animal’s lifespan, but even if it did, it would decrease that animal’s quality of life (raise risk of obesity, diabetes, e.t.c.). An there is some evidence that gonadectomies even shorten the lifespans of both female dogs and women and levels it off to that of male dogs and men respectively. Normally, both female dogs and women live longer on average than male dogs and men respectively. Many mammals are like that in terms of average lifespans except for guinea pigs. Male guinea pigs or boars for some reason live longer than female Guinea pigs or sows.

    I’ve heard that not only do vaccines cause food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts like cashews, pistachios, and almonds, milk, fish, shellfish, eggs, e.t.c.) and other allergies in humans vaccinated, they also cause food and other allergies in any animals vaccinated, especially in the animals that we keep as pets. I have a hypothesis that as more and more humans got vaccinated, more and more got allergic and terribly allergic to urushiol, the substance in cashews (listed among e tree nuts), pistachios (listed among the tree nuts), and mangoes as well as of course poison oak, poison ivy, poison sumac, and lacquer than before the days of vaccines and mass vaccinations. I heard that there was a time, even as late as the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, when peanut allergies were rare and not many people knew about it. Now basically every person knows that about peanut allergies and many even knows someone with peanut allergies. This is caused by the peanut oil that is put in vaccines.

    Did you know that squirrels and pigs will refuse to eat GMO corn. Many animals that are eating dry food (kibble if dogs or cats, pellets if rabbits or rodents) will refuse it if given fresher, healthier foods (like wet food with cats) for long enough. This is as sensible as pigs and squirrels avoiding GMO corn. They know how crappy, processed, like loaded with GMOs, uniform, and unhealthy dry food is. Animals are wiser and more sensible than we humans give them credit for.

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