I tried to find a room, but the guy suddenly changed his mind. Tornadoes!

First, something annoying happened. I copied and pasted the email addresses from craigslist from three different ads; however, for some reason, only one of them copied, so somehow I pasted the same thing three times, and sent three emails to the same guy. I didn’t notice because it’s just gibberish letters and I didn’t pay attention to exactly what the gibberish letters said, but afterwards, after the guy wrote back and told me I’d accidentally sent other letters to him, I saw that they were all sent to the same thing, even though I had copied and pasted from each of the different ads. This is very annoying. That means several days went by with me waiting for answers from other people and not getting them because the letters were never sent to them. I have no explanation for why that happened.

Then, there are going to be more tornadoes tomorrow. Notice that I said MORE tornadoes. We already had one the other day. We had a big storm that went through, and I was sleeping in my tent during this storm, hearing and feeling the wind. I looked on the radar and saw what looked like a hook-shaped cloud, but the bottom part of the hook was below us, in the south. I thought, ‘Oh, that looks like a hook echo,’ except that I decided it couldn’t really be a hook echo, because it was February and there wouldn’t be tornadoes in February. Also, a hook echo is really a small thing, a tiny thing, where the debris from the tornado is already in the air – it’s not a giant hook-shaped cloud like what I saw. But it turns out that the tornado occurred right about where that hook was, south of us, in some town called ‘Hammel’ or something like that. I have to look it up again. It was on either the 25th or 26th of February.

I could feel the circling winds as I was lying in my tent, praying and praying for them to go away. I can hear it and feel it. It was going around and around and around. I was listening for the sound of a train, or a train whistle – I’m not sure if it’s a train whistle you’re supposed to hear. I was also listening for infrasound, the deep bass sound that comes with just about every natural disaster on earth – tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, meteors, etc – but there was this car that just kept driving back and forth on the highway blasting its bass music, over and over again, while I was trying to listen. I don’t know if it was the same car, it just was weird for that time of day, just constant back and forth bass-playing cars while I was desperately listening for infrasound from a tornado.

But the winds did go around, and they also lifted upwards. I could hear, feel, and see them lifting the tent tarps upwards, and could feel the low pressure. It was terrifying – like I said, I was lying there in bed just praying and praying ‘please go away, please go away, please go away.’

My tent is not protected from falling trees. I am in a bad position, because that STUPID EVIL POLICE OFFICER forced me to suddenly relocate and I didn’t have time to set up a proper camp site. I have to be next to or underneath particular types of formations so that trees cannot fall on me. Ideally, it helps to be underneath a tree which is already bent over in an arch because another tree fell over it, a sapling, which is still alive. This provides a roof over the tent so that even if a big heavy tree fell on the tent, the bent sapling would not let it fall on me.

Trees falling on tents are no joke. That guy, the anthropologist guy, said that people in primitive tribes that he visited were terrified of falling trees and they all knew people personally who had died when trees fell on their tents. ‘The World Until Yesterday.’ Jared Diamond.

I hear trees falling all the time, or I did on Mt. Nittany, but not here at Walnut Springs Park. They don’t fall much here, but heavy branches do break off and fall. A girl died in the winter at Penn State when a snow covered branch broke off and fell on her as she walked down the sidewalk, a few years ago.

I am not safe, not for the long term, and not during windstorms.

SO THAT MAKES IT EVEN MORE ANNOYING THAT THREE LETTERS ALL WENT TO THE SAME PERSON ON CRAIGSLIST BECAUSE OF AN UNEXPLAINED ERROR SO THAT I DON’T HAVE ANSWERS FROM THE OTHER PEOPLE I WAS TRYING TO REACH so that I could get an apartment as soon as possible. Well, it’s too late – tomorrow the tornadoes are coming back again. I want to move Woolly Bear to somebody’s house tomorrow before the storms. It’s horrible to leave him out there in it. It’s bad for the wild animals too, I’m sure – they probably hate storms.

Yeah, I’m in denial right now. It seems all peaceful now. But tomorrow, TORNADOES, FOR REAL. Damn it, I’m not ready. I’m trying as fast as I can!

Yeah, so anyway, I did reach that ONE person on craigslist. I was going to visit the place tomorrow, but suddenly, he says, his roommate decided to stay instead of leaving, so he no longer needs a sublet.

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