The latest Washington Post rebellious title: “Trump is upset the media is not reporting a meaningless statistic about the national debt”

What is this, ‘The Onion?’ That sounds like a joke, but it’s the real title of a real news article. They REALLY are totally going all-out on this war between the media and Trump. The words ‘meaningless statistic’ are being used in a news article. But meanwhile, I have seen so many news stories where they say things like ‘the economy is getting better and inflation is steadily increasing and this is a good thing and the basket of goods excluding anything that actually matters is at a really great price right now even though it has no connection whatsoever to people’s daily lives, blah blah.’ Meaningless statistics, a huge pile of them, being used to convey the agenda the newspaper wants to convey, but all of a sudden, ‘meaningless statistics’ are a bad thing now?

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