Washington Post weird new motto: ‘Democracy dies in darkness’ – WTF? Ominous. Ominous, yet butthurt.

I read the mainstream news listed in the google news site, so I went to a Washington Post page and saw at the top ‘Democracy Dies In Darkness.’

This is new. I googled it to find out about it.

They claim that they’ve always used that motto internally at the paper but never had it written there until now. I don’t really have a lot of time – I have to get ready for work – but now that I skimmed through the article talking about it I feel slightly differently. That article about it changed my emotional reaction to it. It seemed very ominous, weird, and timely, connected to the battle between Trump and the media, but that article is making it sound like it isn’t as ‘timely’ as it seems.

It’s just strange to hear the mainstream news *saying* something like this. And it’s also strange when the mainstream news is attacking other sources of news that are non-mainstream and acting like *they* should be censored, but not the ‘real news.’

It still amazes me that Trump has attacked the mainstream news as they deserve to be attack. They are *not* noble heroes delivering the truth to us, but delivering brainwashed garbage to paint a false picture of reality. Now they’re acting all butthurt. I should find the ‘butthurt report form’ that I found in a forum once. Butthurt is the perfect word for this.

However, it affected me emotionally to see that written there. Something is changing, something is going on, something is new and different. The mainstream news are on the defensive for the first time in my memory.

I don’t have enough time before work to really talk about this in any more depth. I was planning to wash my hair and I don’t have a lot of time for that.


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