warm weather is helping greatly; my thoughts about Cosmic Disclosure (aliens)

I felt like I got run over by a truck, probably because I drank a lot of espresso in the last couple days. I was really energetic after the espresso (bottled Dunkin Donuts brand, not my usual bottled
Starbucks), but I crash really badly after it too. But the warm weather makes it much easier for me to get out of bed. So even though I was exhausted and in pain, I was able to get up today after drinking just a little bit of my instant espresso stuff at home.

The other day I started organizing the beverages at work, probably because of the espresso I drank. It bothers me to become productive while drinking coffee, only to suddenly quit coffee again in the future and become lazy and passive at work. I’m going to get this good reputation as a hard worker, but I value my health, and so I plan to quit coffee again, cold turkey like before. I’m not too horribly lazy while decaffeinated, but yet, I don’t do things as ambitious as what I did the other day.

I worked on the beverages at work for HOURS. I was just stocking, and stocking, and stocking, all the different coolers in the store. I found a case of orange juice bottles that had been left somewhere they probably shouldn’t have been, which were about to expire, but nobody else had really noticed them or checked on them in a while, so I took that down and left a note for the manager about it.

I am now the official Beverage Specialist or Beverage Manager. If every person has to have a special title of their own, after all the work I did the other day on stocking the beverages, that’ll have to be my new title. Or, if I were working at Subway, I’d be a Beverage Artist.

I had a dream about David Wilcock because I left a comment on his blog. There are millions of comments and he doesn’t necessarily read them himself. In the dream, I was at his house visiting him. I was going to lie down with him and just snuggle with him, but I don’t think I ever actually did that in the dream. I was just planning to. Then he told me that his wife was going to come home in a while, which is probably why I never ended up doing that. I don’t even know if he actually has a wife.

I’ve been reading about ancient aliens and that kind of thing, and I view it as kind of a form of entertainment – it is not necessarily word-for-word truth. I don’t know if I will ever be able to verify a single claim that any of them have made. But it’s like, I’m in a story. We’re all in a story, an ongoing story, with characters that we might possibly be lucky enough to meet sometime in real life. It’s a story about a real place, earth. It’s not intended as fiction, but it isn’t able to be proven as truth, either, and so it’s somewhere in this gray area between fact and fiction.

What matters more to me is that it’s *possible* that it’s true. It’s possible these things are all true, all the things claimed by Corey Goode and David Wilcock and others. And I’m more fascinated by what is possible than I am by what is true. Except, it has to be well done, and they seem to have a skill of doing it very well, whatever this is, this mixture of fantasies and facts and whatever the voices in their head told them. It’s done in a way that’s entertaining and I’m always eagerly waiting for the next episode or next blog (I don’t pay to watch the episodes at Gaia).

I know from my own experiences that some things are possible, which mainstream society says are impossible. Some things are fact, which mainstream society says are delusion. I know that electronic weapons and electronic mind control are real, because I personally experience them every day of my life. I know that this has been going on for an extremely long time, decades, perhaps hundreds of years, perhaps longer, and it has been successfully kept secret from the mainstream public. If it’s possible to keep electronic mind control secret, then it’s possible to keep aliens secret too, and all the other claims and disclosures.

‘They sell hope.’ That was how I described it. They sell hope to the hopeless.

That is part of why I envisioned Anaya. Anaya is kind of like a god, except it wasn’t a single individual – it was envisioned as men and women who were in the ‘eighth house of the socion.’ Socionics, the 16 personality types and their relations to each other – I grouped them into eight groups of duals, and my own type, the ISTP, and my dual, the ENFP, are in the eighth group.

So, this Anaya god is an entity, or several people, who have those personality types, who are both men and women, and they have other characteristics too. These other characteristics are important. Note, I imagined all this during the summer of 2016 or so, when I was using ginseng, and the ginseng affected my mind and my tendency to pray and to be religious – I probably would not have envisioned an Anaya god if I had not been using ginseng.

Anyway, the characteristics: they must be wise, good, powerful, wealthy, beautiful, healthy – a lot of things. Most people who are powerful are not good. It is very hard for me to imagine a person who is both good and powerful. This person is able to do things that are good, and powerful enough to have a large impact in the world, someone who is able to help a lot of people. They have material wealth and are saving material resources. They are finite and mortal, not all-powerful – different from the Christian god. They have
limitations. The rationale for why they do not intervene is because they do not have infinite resources and cannot afford to always take so many risks when they are trying to protect their people and keep them hidden.

The Anaya were different from other aliens and non-humans talked about by DW and CG because they are omnivores who are eating a Weston Price-type diet. That was extremely important to me. I don’t want to be judged for being a non-vegan. I have reasons why I choose to eat meat, and it’s important enough to me that I have to incorporate it into my religion and my deities. A lot of them view meat eating as inferior, evil, animal-like, lower vibration, something we have to break out of the habit of doing in order to evolve as a species. Even Rachael viewed it this way – I know because I read the book she wrote.

Whenever I am praying and meditating, the pattern I tend to follow is thanking Anaya for this and that. This sometimes happens kind of spontaneously, if I am in the right mood, or the voices sometimes encourage me to do it, or I tend to do it if I am under the influence of particular herbs. I think of a long list of things to thank Anaya for, even if those things do not really exist yet and I have never actually seen them. I thank Anaya for the things they would do if they actually existed on earth and had real power and real influence and were actually a real group of people living life the way they want to live.

Because they are eating an omnivorous diet, which requires the killing of animals, they must have a balanced view or attitude or belief about the use of lethal power over others. We are not murderous cannibals who use our physical power to torture and cause pain and suffering to others. But we are also not extreme pacifists who only eat plants and never kill any sentient beings. We are somewhere in the middle. There are restrictions on how we treat animals while they are alive, and how we kill them, and how we eat them.

I do this because I don’t believe it’s possible to be well nourished as a total extreme vegan, although it’s possible to eat a vegetarian diet that has eggs, some kind of fat, milk, maybe fish, and some of the other things they often allow, and be relatively well nourished. I also don’t believe it’s possible to make some kind of artificial manmade substitute, like meat grown in a laboratory. This meat will never contain all of the substances that real meat contains, because those substances are viewed as ‘unimportant’ by the scientists and corporations who make the fake meat.

People think all protein is the same. Protein is protein. Some people think that you only need to worry about whether it contains all of the amino acids or not. But I believe protein is much more complicated than that. I think that protein does not necessarily get broken down into its constituent amino acids, but instead is often absorbed whole or partially assembled, and then, those partially assembled pieces are used as is. So you can use pieces of protein that are ready-made and do not need to be reassembled from scratch. It’s important to eat some raw animal protein for this reason.

But I don’t even like to use the word ‘protein’ because it’s so misleading. Where does the protein come from? Muscles? Organs? It’s important to eat organ meats. Both contain protein, but if you only eat muscle meats, you are missing out on the nutrients and other unknown substances, including hormones which are usable as-is, ready-made, and enzymes which are also usable as-is, and all the other unknown substances that haven’t been documented, categorized, etc.

Raw proteins will have their original shape and are the easiest for your stomach and intestines to process. They are quickly and easily absorbed. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with eating raw meats safely, because all of them contain parasites, but the Inuit people eat raw seal, and are only sometimes having problems with trichinosis, which they think might be going up there because of climate changes. I don’t know which meats available to me in Pennsylvania can be safely eaten raw. Whenever I’ve eaten only tiny little bites of raw meats, as a test, I *always* get a parasitic infection (nonlethal, but extremely uncomfortable and distressing, followed by severe fatigue), even when this meat comes from grass-fed cows.

So, it will require more research to find out how to eat raw meat and organs.

I’m finishing this up because I’m going to get ready for work. Some random guy just took my bicycle and told me he’d oil the chain for me. The bike is so worthless he cannot possibly be stealing it to sell it, so I trusted him. It’s all rusty and crappy. He’s supposedly going to bring it back in a couple minutes, I hope. I’ll need to go to work soon. I’m sitting at the laundromat. He just walked by, this little old man, and said he was taking my bike for a ride, and I laughed, thinking he was joking, and said that wouldn’t be easy because the chain really needs oiled. It’s hard to pedal. He made it clear he wasn’t joking and said he would oil it for me and would be back in a couple minutes, to the laundromat. I hope he can do it, so I can get to work!

‘I’m late for work because I let this little old man steal my bike and I didn’t even try to stop him.’

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