Test results all negative!!! There is only one thing left to test for that they don’t test for at PRC

1:03 PM 2/22/2017

I just went to get my test results. They gave me an antibiotic last week, and it seemed like it helped for a day or so – it reduced the symptoms. But I am living in unsanitary conditions. I pee in a cup and throw it out the door, and I think I reinfected myself from the cup. So it didn’t go completely away.

Well, the test results I got were ALL NEGATIVE.

This is absolutely wrong. I have *something*. I got tested at the Pregnancy Resource Clinic, which is a free clinic. I want to go get tested in a couple other places. They’re recommending MedExpress.

But I have to decide what I will tell the doctors at MedExpress if I go there. Should I tell them that I’ve already been tested and the test was negative, or should I tell them that this is all brand new, I’m starting from scratch, and I’ve never been tested before and I want their opinion?

If I tell them I’ve already been tested and it’s negative, they’re going to give me the same bullshit the girl gave me today. Note, the people at PRC are really nice and have been nice to me both times I was there. However, when I mentioned to the girl today, a different girl than I was with last time, when I said that the symptoms kind of went away but not completely, she said ‘Maybe it was the placebo effect,’ which INVALIDATES EVERY SINGLE THING SHE SAYS FROM NOW ON, because there is no such thing as the placebo effect, and I have argued about this in my blog many times before and don’t want to do it again. The placebo effect does not exist. At all. In any form whatsoever. THE PLACEBO EFFECT *DOES* *NOT* *EXIST*. Period.

So as soon as she mentioned that ‘it might have been the placebo effect,’ I knew, I knew everything, I knew the future, I knew what they all would say, based on past experience with doctors. If I go to another doctor and tell them I was tested, it came back negative –

Oh, and this girl also said ‘Maybe it’s stress,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I have had a really bad couple of months.’ But inside I was thinking, ‘THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS STRESS AS A CAUSE OF DISEASE.’ Stress exists, but it does not cause disease. It does not cause it directly. It only causes it indirectly. Stress leads to fatigue and tiredness, if you never sleep, if you work too many hours, if you use too much caffeine, and lack of sleep worsens diseases and weakens your immune system, but that is not the same as saying ‘stress causes disease.’ I haven’t been sleeping any differently than normal since this started. I haven’t been under the type of stress that would ’cause disease’ in any way.

I know what all these people are going to say.

However, I might *have* to tell someone I’ve already been tested and the test came back negative. I need an alternative type of test, because the testing methods are untrustworthy, unreliable, and ineffective. Whatever method they used, it doesn’t work. *Something* must have grown in that petri dish, but they didn’t know how to identify what it was.

‘A negative result does not completely exclude infection.’ You’ve never said truer words in your life!!! This is on the paper they gave me. EVERYTHING WAS NEGATIVE. No STDs. No HIV, no syphilis, no gonorrhea, no chlamydia. THEN WHY IS AN ENDLESS FOUNTAIN OF SMELLY ITCHY SLIME POURING OUT OF MY VAGINA 24 HOURS A DAY SO THAT I HAVE TO WEAR A THICK MENSTRUAL PAD TO STOP IT FROM SOAKING THROUGH THREE THICK LAYERS OF CLOTHING????? And why did this begin after being semi-raped without a condom by a person of an ethnic group which is known to be at the highest risk of having STDs?

‘Positive nucleic acid amplification tests for CT (Chlamydia trachomatis) and/or GC (Neisseria gonorrheae) that utilize the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) are considered presumptive evidence of infection. A negative result does not completely exclude infection. All PCR results are dependent on the absence of interfering
substances, a detectable number of organisms, and an appropriate specimen. Clinical correlation is required with PCR testing as the likelihood that a positive result represents a true infection decreases in very low-prevalence low-risk populations. The CT/GC test has not been evaluated in patients younger than 14 years of age. Methodology: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and nucleic acid hybridization.’

THIS IS WHY I DO NOT BELIEVE ANY SCIENTIFIC TESTS. Whatever method they are using, it doesn’t work. The same thing happened when I had rabies. There is no method of testing for rabies while you’re alive, except maybe spinal fluid samples, if I recall correctly.

This is also why I don’t really go along with the theory that the swine flu was a hoax. I believe the swine flu really happened, but it might not have been technically a ‘flu.’ It was some kind of contagious disease, I had it myself, I knew other people who had it, and it was something extremely nasty and extremely harsh which went on for months and months and caused me to lose a lot of weight, and seemed to keep coming back every time I would start to get better. It was a real thing, but there was no effective reliable method of testing for the presence of this disease. THEIR TESTING METHODS DO NOT WORK.

I also remember I once tested negative for herpes, even though I get these cold sores or canker sores when I get sick. I definitely have a herpes-like virus and have had it for a long time. The test result came back negative. THE TESTING METHOD DOES NOT WORK. It gives untrue results, false negatives.


What do I do now, and what do I tell the next doctor to prevent the doctor from saying that it’s an imaginary disease caused by stress, and saying that the antibiotics I took slightly improved it for a day or so only because of the placebo effect? In other words, what can I say to them to make them stop being evil insane lunatic morons, and instead, make them do their fucking job for once and actually be real scientists instead of fucking evil trolls?

I will have to go to another doctor, or else I will have to TAKE MATTERS INTO MY OWN HANDS *AS USUAL* – I wish I could write this in a larger, screaming font, but I’m typing it into a text editor and can’t do that and don’t feel like using HTML. I will take matters into my own hands, and I will either have to find a way to buy antibiotics without a prescription, or else use alternative medicine to cure it myself. I HAVE AN STD AND I NEED TO FUCKING GET THE FUCK RID OF IT, AND GODDAM THOSE BASTARDS TELLING ME ALL MY RESULTS ARE NEGATIVE.

I hope that at least the test results for syphilis and HIV are true negatives, not false negatives! I would rather not have those. However, I don’t have symptoms of those things and don’t suspect that I have those diseases. I just have something which is similar to gonorrhea or chlamydia, but it didn’t look like the ‘foamy discharge’ that she showed me a photo of for the parasitic infection, trichomonas or something (let me google it to make sure: trichomoniasis). Trichomoniasis.

Trichomonas vaginalis. How can I test for this? It doesn’t look foamy. But that’s the only common STD remaining, and they don’t test for that one at the Pregnancy Resource Clinic. If I go to a doctor at MedExpress and tell them I want to test for this, will they listen to me? Doctors usually don’t like it when I directly tell them what I want to do. I have to pretend to be a clueless inferior stupid brainless moron like the vast majority of their patients. A brainless sheep. I AM A BRAINLESS SHEEP. I HAVE A DISEASE WHICH I AM HELPLESS TO CURE. THINK FOR ME, DOCTOR.

3 Responses to “Test results all negative!!! There is only one thing left to test for that they don’t test for at PRC”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Consider a screening to rule out ovarian cancer or the like.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I’m definitely going to try to get tested for the parasitic infection thing, because the PRC told me they weren’t able to test for that one, and that’s the last remaining commonplace STD it could be. Trichomoniasis. But they probably will want to ask me about cancer, it’s just that the pattern of my symptoms are more like an STD – unprotected sex with somebody, then massive symptoms and swollen lymph nodes only a week later.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah I totally hope it’s trichomoniasis.

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