Antarctic pyramids – I hate having to debunk something that I believe is real

Paste this into google maps: 81°57’41.15″W 79°58’38.32″S

I actually believe there is *something* in Antarctica, a LOT of somethings in Antarctica. I also believe the general public is being prevented from knowing what is down there, and most of us are not wealthy enough to take a vacation and equip ourselves to just go down there and explore the place thoroughly. We also cannot use all the equipment to vaporize the ice into steam, as I have been reading about, unless we’re super-rich.

I’ve been seeing photos of a pyramid in Antarctica, but sadly, I will debunk *this particular photo* that I am seeing over and over again. I’m pretty sure, as sure as I can be, that it’s just a mountain.

I am not saying that there are no pyramids in Antarctica. For instance, I could show a satellite image of somebody’s house and wrongly claim that this is a photo of a skyscraper, when it’s only just a house. Just because I misidentified a house as a skyscraper, does it mean that skyscrapers don’t exist anywhere? They do exist, but this particular photo isn’t an example of one.

The same thing is going on with this Antarctic pyramid photo we keep seeing which shows a pyramid looking thing from a satellite image, with the location given so you can just find it on google maps. It does look like a pyramid shaped object, with crossed ridges over it, so that it is divided into four sections, in a way that looks manmade.

However, if you look nearby at the mountain range it’s connected to, you see a lot of other mountains that have extremely sharp ridges crossing their tops, although not in such a way as to divide the mountain into four sections, sometimes just three sections. This pyramid has little tiny mountains and ridges all alongside it, so it is not just an isolated pyramid sitting in the middle of nowhere. That’s why I’m sure it’s just a mountain. It topologically looks very similar to all the other mountains and ridges right next to it. It has the same ‘style,’ the same algorithm, if you were drawing it in a video game using some kind of random mountain generator.

This was probably done as a red herring, a piece of disinformation, to lead everyone away from where the real pyramids are, and where the real archeological digs are being done. Like I said, I do believe *something* is there, something big, and I would love to know about it, but this particular photo is not a pyramid.

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