an example of someone really hacking a lottery and succeeding (until he got caught). I’m trying to devise a lottery which is absolutely unwinnable, not merely unlikely.

How many others don’t get caught when they hack the lottery and win it?

He did all these things to avoid having his name associated with the lottery ticket, but the particular state where he bought the ticket, Iowa, doesn’t allow anonymous winners, so they tracked him down. He had made an offshore company in Belize to take the money. He formerly worked for that lottery, and had changed the security cameras to only take one photograph per minute, instead of videotaping constantly, and then he went into the room with the machines and installed a rootkit to hack the computer. Whatever he did, it worked, because his ticket won the lottery.

I’m trying to rationalize a way that would make it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE, not merely unlikely, for a person to win the lottery, the type of lottery with balls that fly around in the box and get vacuumed into the tube thing. The only way I can imagine that would make it absolutely impossible to win is if the numbers changed after someone won it. Like, hey, I had 14 35 46 58 68, and that was the original draw, but then as soon as the lottery realized that I won it, the numbers changed.

Actually, are they aware of what you’ve drawn? Before the drawing, they receive all the tickets that have been bought, all the
information about all the numbers that have been chosen. So they have this big database now, with all the numbers that everyone has bought, before the drawing….

Oooohhhh… it IS possible to make it impossible!!!

Let’s do a simple example. I’ll see if I can really explain this the way I want to explain it.

There are only five people playing the lottery, and they only choose one number each, from 1 to 10.

A: 2
B: 5
C: 7
D: 8
E: 9

It doesn’t matter if two people choose the same number. I don’t care. That’s not relevant.

So, the lottery receives a ‘request’ for all those numbers, because the tickets have been filled out with their little pencil marks and scanned through the machines at the gas station. The computer in the machine tells the database, ‘People have chosen the numbers 2, 5, 7, 8, and 9.’

So then, they do the drawing. If it happens to get any of those numbers, they don’t use that one. They discard it. They pretend this video is ‘live’ on television, but it really isn’t live. It’s done in advance. They redo it until they’re sure that nobody wins. Or they could just videoshop the video, which is easy nowadays.

How can we prove this isn’t happening?

Did I explain it well enough?

It only requires me to be bound and determined to assume, and to find a way to prove, and to stick to my hypothesis no matter what, the idea that it’s impossible to win the lottery, and then, try to devise a method by which it would indeed be completely impossible,
hypothetically. That is what I am trying to do. The goal is to make a foolproof hypothetical method of making the lottery absolutely unwinnable no matter what.

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