Suddenly I have Jacob back at the tent. No free time to read or write anything. Looking for an apartment.

Kat’s roommate had a bad night where her cat meowed all night long and kept her awake. He has been doing that because he’s upset about Jacob being there, and jealous, and other things I can’t explain. He was afraid of Jacob at first, but gradually got used to him. It wasn’t that bad. But after Eugene had a bad night (her name is Eugene, but she’s female – I suspect it comes from Korean and it’s supposed to be something like Yoo-Jin or something), she told Kat she wanted me to take Jacob away because of how much he was disturbing Oreo.

I made an arrangement right away to get Charles to drive me over there and help me bring him home to the tent. I considered maybe giving him to the Youngs, but actually, it’s the middle of February, and there won’t be a lot more single-digit temperatures. We will probably still have tons of snow all the way into the month of May – those May-June blizzards that we keep getting – but it’s not that cold.

I’m at the laundromat getting ready to wash up for work. I haven’t done any laundry and it’s getting worse and worse. I’m wearing dirty clothes to work.

I don’t have any free time to sit and read the internet anymore. I like to spend a long time reading random things and watching random videos.

I am looking for an apartment. I’m reading about ‘affordable housing’ and might try to sign up for that, but there are waiting lists. I will also look for ‘slightly cheaper than average’ housing that isn’t officially ‘affordable.’ This time, not only will I sublet or whatever in the middle of this semester right now, but I will also sign up in advance for an apartment starting in August. I won’t be thrown out on the street when my sublet ends like I was when I lived in the Chinese apartment.

I was in an extremely bad mood last night. I don’t recall where I was, maybe when I was walking down the sidewalk to go to Kat’s house when I picked up Jacob – I was thinking hate-crime-related thoughts about realtors and everybody associated with the entire industry of real estate. This would also have to include the banking system. I just don’t know exactly who is responsible for setting the insanely high prices of rent and land. It is not merely ‘the free market’ that sets those prices. I’m being exposed to a lot of transdermal tobacco at work, every day, and I think it’s affecting my moods. Now I’m also petting Jacob and he still smells like smoke. He needs a bath, but I can’t give him one right now. I used to be able to wipe him with a warm wet washcloth and he sometimes kind of liked it. I also can’t do my laundry quite yet. So I have tobacco and stuff on me and that causes the hate.

My hatred is real; it just doesn’t manifest as outright, active hatred unless I’m under the influence of tobacco. I do really hate the entire real estate industry.

I have had numerous firsthand experiences, and observations, and have also done my research, about the fact that all forms of tobacco tend to cause violence and also domestic abuse.

I shouldn’t dawdle for too long. It’s 8:50 am right now. I have to wash off and wash my hair and go to work, and it will take a little while to get there, and I have to be there at 11:00 am. I just wanted to write a little bit more because I haven’t been able to write or read or do anything or have any free time at all.

I can’t even do my taxes, and as a result, I can’t apply for FAFSA to go to the vocational school yet. I’m going to try to get an apartment first and I will ask Dad for help with that. I want to explain how first I have to sublet, and then afterwards, I also have to sign up in advance for something in August, so I might need *A LOT* of money all at once. It could be the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and security deposit (worst case scenario) for one apartment, and exactly the same for the second one that I’m signing up for in advance, which will total thousands of dollars. AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Bulldozing trailer parks should be illegal. Every person who bulldozes a trailer park should go to jail for fifty years. I don’t necessarily mean the bulldozer driver. They’re cool people. I mean the people who sell the land and decide to make it into a strip mall and get billions of dollars for the sale, only to have all the strip mall stores go out of business a couple years later because nobody actually needed a strip mall there and nobody needed ten more clothing stores.

Okay, I have to start washing my hair and all that. I don’t want to go to work.

The tent is an absolute mess and it’s not ready for Jacob to be there. He slept in my sleeping bag with me last night, and it eventually worked out okay, but it was hard to get into a good position. The whole tent needs to be moved and rebuilt, on a bed of sticks so that it’s flat instead of slanted on the hill. I have to clean it all up. I’m hoping I can move into an apartment quickly.

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  1. nebbie916 Says:

    I’ve heard that spaying and neutering increases the risk of hypothyroidism in dogs. Does spaying and neutering increase the risk of hyperthyroidism in cats?

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