Pay Daily

I think the drug worked, but I’m itching again because of the unsanitary conditions in the tent. I pee in a cup and pour it outside, and I think I got it from the cup. Hopefully the continuing effect of the antibiotic will fight that. I tried washing the cup after realizing what happened. If it comes back, I will wait till I can afford to buy a pack of sanitizing wipes. I have no money, barely a couple bucks, and can’t do laundry either. I get paid tomorrow but it’s gonna be like a $30 paycheck. And I get paid EVERY TWO WEEKS which is absolute evil. At MY future business, our rhyming motto is, “We pay every day right away.” We pay a new hire in cash at the end of their first day. The on-premises bookkeeper magically takes care of it, which is easy to do because I did a Schaum’s outline of bookkeeping and accounting and I know how. It’s so easy, it should be a universal practice, but nobody on earth gives a fuck about the convenience for the employee. They would of course have the option of receiving checks, direct deposits, physical silver coins, and so on. Frequent gifts of silver coins for long term savings are the official policy of my company. “But what about the taxes?” The bookkeeper does that. It’s easy. It’s their job! All it takes is one person who cares enough to make it happen. It doesn’t violate any laws, whether they be laws of physics or social laws. On another topic, I want to rent a room. I stopped renting because of lease problems which I now know how to prevent. And landlord problems when I rented informally without a lease. I want to buy land from tax sales and put goats and chickens on it, but that is only the beginning. I actually felt good after that antibiotic, which reminds me about that Dr. John Somebody who used to work for the government and discovered Stealth Viruses and made a protocol to treat chronic fatigue syndrome. He’s on Google. I forget his name, but “stealth virus” in quotes will get him. He found cytomegaloviruses from green monkeys in vaccines.

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