Jay messed up my drawer count while helping me; everything I sell should be illegal, starting with the lottery

I’m still learning to count the money to close the till. I asked Jay for help. I had counted it all and I swear I had $154 something. He erased all my numbers and typed in $145. I said, “Wait, I thought it was $154.” He changed it to $144, and assured me that’s what it had been. No more help from Jay. I want to tell Cyn about it so she won’t think I messed it up myself. The only thing I could have done was count the whole thing again. Maybe next time, if anyone ever does that again, I will. The things that I sell should all be illegal: tobacco products, lottery, and gasoline. Gasoline ruined america by creating zoning laws saying you must live 100 miles away from your workplace. If there were no gasoline, we would live right next to an outdoor market, where we would shop daily, and all food would come from directly outside the city or in the city itself. All lottery winners are shills who are friends of insiders. There are no winners. It is not possible to win any lottery. The entire lottery is a scam. It should be outright banned, not regulated or restricted. This is true of all lotteries, not some particular kind. Tobacco should be wholly illegal, not merely restricted to people over 18. *MY* convenience store is a Food Oasis in the food desert, and it sells only organic healthy food, not junk food. It also must have some kind of dried meats not full of chemicals and hormones. I’m texting this over my phone so it can’t be too long.

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