a dream about Mom; also, I smelled secondhand smoke at other neighbors’ apartments

I’m actually having occasional dreams about Mom, but I haven’t mentioned them all. I think I know what inspired last night’s dream. Last night, I was back at the WV house. I looked out the front door, at one point in the dream (as always, there was stuff in the beginning that I don’t remember), and I saw all these people standing up on the road at the top of our brick steps. The road isn’t a busy road, so it’s possible for a large group of people to just stand there like that. They were singing and playing music, and I saw Mom up there with them. I thought she was a ghost and maybe I was the only person who was able to see her. Nobody else mentioned anything unusual, like ‘Hey! I just saw Dea but I thought she was dead!’ Nothing like that.

Then later or some other time I saw her walking down the street towards Mrs. Lees’ house. I wanted to go walk with her. I can’t remember if I did or not. I feel like maybe I did and I gave her a hug.

I’m not sure why she was walking down to the Lees’ house, but I think the reason she was standing with a group of people singing and playing music was because it was a ‘hippie’ event, inspired by the fact that she had smoked marijuana (in real life).

I remember being really happy to see her and happy she was enjoying herself.

I remembered after posting the blog last night about almost failing the drug test that I had also briefly, BRIEFLY inhaled A FEW WHIFFS of secondhand smoke coming out of OTHER PEOPLE’S apartments around Kat’s apartment complex. I would walk down the hall and smell marijuana from someone else’s room, and I would just walk past it, taking a breath or two, just enough to recognize what it was. That was more recent than any other secondhand inhalations. Could THAT make me almost fail a drug test?????

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