I almost failed a drug test because of secondhand exposure to marijuana WEEKS ago

That’s right, I took a drug test for work today. I had to put a cottony stick in my mouth to soak up saliva, then put the stick into a container with 6 test strips for various drugs. I definitely was negative on everything, but the test line for THC (marijuana) was extremely faint. You had to get two lines to pass. My THC strip had one visible line, then one barely visible second line, meaning I was almost failing. She counted it as okay because she’s cool. It almost looked like only one line. Where did I get exposed to marijuana? Well, I petted Jacob yesterday, and he still smells like tobacco smoke from Chris’s house, which means he has marijuana smoke on him too. So I had that exposure. I don’t think Chris smoked anything except tobacco cigarettes last time I was with him. Weeks ago, my mom, who was dying of cancer, smoked some marijuana. How about if I failed a drug test for THAT reason!!! The only other time was secondhand mj smoke from Chris, even longer ago than Mom. So was the test fail because of transdermally petting Jacob, or because I inhaled it secondhand many weeks ago?

One Response to “I almost failed a drug test because of secondhand exposure to marijuana WEEKS ago”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    a- modern tests are so sensitive even triple hand exposure = positive.

    b- the drugs they test for are so ubiquitous that cross contamination is endemic!

    c- next time they will make you strip down for a body search of track marks and require a genetic screening profile to ensure that you are a proper wage slave serf mentality!\

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