TropiClean – Don’t you dare add this toxic “breath freshener” to MY cat’s drinking water. Cruelty to animals

This breath freshener is sitting on the counter. I don’t know if she (the roommate) has another water bowl in her bedroom, but I have never seen her cat drink from the water bowl. It drinks from the toilet, and then she scolds it. Why? Because it doesn’t want to drink toxic poisonous bad tasting additives in its drinking water!!! Why don’t YOU add this to your OWN water? Green tea??? Do wild cats drink green tea and glycerin and potassium whatever? I’m gonna come over here every couple days to dump out and wash out my cat’s water bowl to make sure it has no poison in it. I think green tea is added for weight loss – cats are fat because of neutering, so we poison their water to make them lose weight – water, which they absolutely must have to survive, which they have no alternative to because they’re locked indoors and you scold them for drinking from the toilet. She seems like a nice person, but this particular thing is just SO STUPID.


7 Responses to “TropiClean – Don’t you dare add this toxic “breath freshener” to MY cat’s drinking water. Cruelty to animals”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    I’ve heard that urinary problems are so common in neutered tomcats that a special diet is often prescribed to them.

    I’ve also heard that catteries use some kind of glass rod to help stimulate intact female cats so that they calm down during their heat cycles. What do you think about those glass rods, or do you have some other idea?

  2. nebbie916 Says:

    Adding Tropiclean Fresh Breath to a eunuched (better known as neutered, spayed, or castrated) cat’s water bowl for weight loss is like using a drug like Incurin for urinary incontinence in spayed female dogs or prescribed special diets for urinary problems in castrated male cats. For those problems caused by gonadectomies, the best preventative is to not spay or neuter.

  3. nebbie916 Says:

    I’ve heard that castrations and spays don’t always eliminate or reduce the roaming and yowling behavior. They also don’t always reduce or eliminate the spraying behavior. Cats are supposed to spray when they are stressed or not at ease. Also, not every intact cat has any or all of the supposed “problems” of having an intact reproductive and endocrine system.

    The pro spay/neuter people say that the chance that a female cat with get breast cancer (which is usually malignant in cats) will be reduced when it gets spayed. Is it really true that spaying female cats will reduce the chance that they will get breast cancer?

    Even if spaying did appreciably reduce breast cancer in female cats, would it still be a excusable to spay them?

    I’ve heard that female dogs might get pyometra if they don’t get either a traditional spay (ovariohysterectomy) or an ovary-sparing spay. Even if intact female dogs did have an appreciable risk of getting pyometra, would it still be excusable to spay them?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    OMG I don’t want to drink the cat water!~!!!

    So B brought H cattens in the larval stage last year…

    They were tiny and needed bottle fed.

    Thankfully both female, so no worry about territorial stank.

    H leaves a glass of water on the side of the bed.

    The sound of my darlings lapping up a drink has woken me with a smile on many occasion.

    Then after another 11 hr. shaft making donuts for the RMC exhausted I ask for a glass of water…

    OMG I don’t want to drink the cat water….

    …but they are so clean,,,,


  5. Nicole Says:

    I like ‘cattens in the larval stage.’ This makes me picture them still curled up like little shrimp. Don’t drink the cat water…

  6. Nicole Says:

    What I think is that cats shouldn’t be in catteries. I don’t believe in breeding cats deliberately. They shouldn’t ever need any help from humans with this. I have no idea whether it actually calms them down or not. I know they’re not one of the species that will actually *die* unless it mates – I forget what animal that was. I don’t think it should be done, to make a long story short, and it isn’t necessary.

  7. nebbie916 Says:

    Ferrets (female ferrets that is) are one of the species that will actually die if they don’t mate with the male, not female cats.

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