I want to study mechanical and material skills, but the mind controllers want to force me to go into the study of nursing and medicine right now

11:07 AM 2/11/2017

I’m looking at the list of courses offered at CPI vocational school in Bellefonte. Every single thing in this book interests me. I just have to decide which ones interest me the most, which also have a very high job placement.


However, there is a battle going on. The mind controllers want to force me to go into some kind of medical career like nursing, right now, right away. This is associated with Mom dying from cancer and my interest in alternative medicine and nutrition.

I myself feel most excited about the courses in mechanical things, like welding, and construction, and technology-related courses.

I feel this unpleasant dread at the idea of going into nursing right now. I have reasons why I feel that way. I have this mental image of what it would be like to work at the hospital as a nurse. I already know what it would be like. I would be required to get a whole bunch of vaccines. I would be required to shave my facial hair. I wouldn’t be able to start my own business.

Also, I would fail to learn things that I desperately need to know for my own use. I have wanted to build, or buy, some kind of shield that would protect me from electronic mind control, but I have absolutely no skills, experience, or knowledge with the tools and materials I would need to do that, and absolutely no confidence about it at all. I have been ‘shielded’ from that for an entire lifetime, from birth, because I’m a girl. Everyone refuses to teach me.

At every job where I have worked, if there has ever been an
opportunity to look at a machine being fixed, and watch the repair person fixing it, that repair person has ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION been a man. EVERY TIME. Even though this job doesn’t require the sheer physical strength that you can only have as a man, such as broad shoulders, which are physically different in men than they are in women, even if THAT isn’t required to do this job, I still have never, ever, ever, ever seen ONE SINGLE WOMAN doing the job of repairing machines at places like McDonald’s. When the grill breaks down, when the fryer breaks down, when something is wrong with the plumbing, when electrical wiring needs to be done, NOT ONE, NOT ONE, NOT ONE WOMAN in the entire lifetime of experience that I have behind me. I have never, ever, ever seen it.

So I would watch these things with interest, and I would ask questions of the men who were there repairing things, and I would have pleasant conversations with them, and they always seemed to like me and enjoy having these conversations with me. They always seemed to appreciate it that I was interested in watching what they were doing and learning about it.

But whenever our maintenance guy quit his job, or got transferred to another store, or whatever it was that happened to him, there was a new guy assigned to the maintenance job, and he was TOTALLY
INCOMPETENT. He was a socionics ISFP. This means he is Te-PoLR. HE HAS NO IDEA HOW TO FIX A MACHINE. HE HAS NO IDEA HOW MACHINES WORK. THIS is the person who was assigned to maintenance, not me. He had no training, no certifications, nothing. It was merely because he was a man. I like this guy, he’s a nice guy, he was nice to talk to and nice to work with. But as the maintenance person he is absolutely lousy. THEY NEVER EVEN SPOKE ONE WORD, NOT A PEEP, OF OFFERING ME A MAINTENANCE JOB, even though for the many years I had worked there I was often tinkering with things and fixing them or jury-rigging them as necessary.

My emotions in the realm of learning mechanical things are much stronger, much more excited, much happier, than the emotions I feel at the thought of being forced by electronic mind control to go into the study of nursing or medical assistant at this particular moment in time, or even dental assistant (which I think they offer, if I recall correctly). Even though I have an interest in removing dental fillings and not replacing them with any new fillings, just leaving the cavities open, I still do not feel as excited and happy at the thought of studying to be a dental assistant as I do about the thought of studying how to do mechanical stuff, machines, materials, all of that.

I can’t explain it, I can’t justify it, I can’t prove it. I can only say that this is my emotional reaction, my sincere emotion. I really, truly am being forced by the mind controllers to feel like I ‘have to’ go into the study of nursing and medical assistant right now, instead of studying what I really want to study at that school. This pressure keeps happening again and again every time I research this, every time I think about this, every time I look into it, every time I try to plan and imagine my future and what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it.

What part of ‘I DO NOT *WANT* TO DO THIS’ don’t you understand????

What’s going to happen to me if I study what I want to study instead of what they want to force me to study? Am I going to be ‘punished’ somehow? Is my life going to be ruined even more than it already has been? Are they going to arrange for horrible things to happen to me because I disobeyed what they tried to force me to do?

I wrote a bunch of notes taken from the course list pdf, and then wrote some more thoughts under it. I decided to cut and paste those notes up here so the notes about the courses are at the bottom.


I am overwhelmed with excitement as I look again at this list of courses they offer and how much they cost. They really are not that expensive in the big scheme of things, yet a job is virtually guaranteed at least for some of the fields. This is so much more sane than a university, which can cost you $100,000 and still not guarantee you a job, or you will have to struggle to get a job, and relocate thousands of miles away to get one tiny little job in some esoteric location where a thousand other people are competing for that same job.

You’ll be able to pay back the loan very quickly, because you are going to be earning a large income. I know from experience that I am able to pay back a loan very quickly as long as I am earning a REASONABLE income. I have worked at jobs where I was making $12 an hour. There were times in the past when I did temp jobs and data entry jobs, and I earned enough money to buy a car and had no financial problems, so the type of jobs I will get as a result of choosing ANY of the 100%-placement or >75% placement fields will definitely give me a reasonable enough income that I will pay back the loan extremely quickly. I’m quite confident that I can do this, based on past experience. The only time I can’t pay off a $500 credit card bill is when I am working a shitty part time minimum wage job and buying all my food from restaurants. I’ll be living in an apartment, buying real food, probably getting some financial help somehow or even being able to get food stamps, maybe? and then working at a job with decent wages. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS.

It doesn’t matter which one of the fields I choose. There is a part of me that has always been a problem, the part of me (or electronic mind control!!!) that argues with me every single time I try to choose one particular path over some other path. The mind controllers are trying to force me to become a nurse, when I actually feel most excited by the thoughts of learning about machines and technology and materials, electricity, etc, the typical masculine careers. They’re trying to force me to choose nursing instead.

I need to argue against this. My argument must take several approaches.

First: I can study any one of these careers at this school at any time. I can do first one, then do a totally unrelated one later on. There is nothing to prevent me from taking a second course at this school, getting a second degree, later on. I can take all the mechanical construction trade courses to my heart’s content, and then, do a totally different path and do nursing later on.

I just really FEEL emotionally excited and intellectually excited by the idea of learning the technological, mechanical trades. It feels like something I need very badly. Going into nursing is an option too, but I don’t feel as emotionally excited by the idea. I feel a sort of unpleasant dread, imagining myself working at a hospital, where I hate and loathe and despise everything I do all day long, hate all the people I work with, hate all my job expectations, am required to get vaccinated in order to work there, and hate every single thing that I am required to do as part of my job.

Again, I can start off taking courses in the things that really excite me, but still take the course in nursing later on. I just have been deprived, for my entire lifetime, of learning how to do anything mechanical, because I am a girl. I have been constantly frustrated at every single job where I have ever worked because I cannot fix mechanical, technical things, but some *MAN* will be allowed to do it, even if he has no training or experience. I WANT TO GET THE *CONFIDENCE* TO ASSERT MYSELF AND DO THIS. If I have done it before, if I have a certification in it, if I have taken classes in it and practiced it in the real world, then I will be absolutely confident and I will be pushy enough to insist that I can do this, in spite of all the sexist assholes who think that I can’t.

My *desire* to do this is much greater, at this particular moment in time, than it is to do nursing. Even though, yes, Mom died from cancer, and the controllers have tried to force me to do some kind of nursing job or medical job as a result of that, my emotions are not reacting positively to that idea. I still feel an unpleasant dread and a lot of negative emotions about it. It feels very unpleasant. I feel like I would be missing out on a lot of fun, wonderful, exciting experiences if I didn’t get to learn mechanical things right now.

Again, these courses are SO CHEAP in the big scheme of things, yet so results-oriented, so effective at getting a job, and the jobs will be so high paying that I can pay off my loans instantly in probably less than a year – imagine paying off the loan in less than a year! I can do that! – that I know I can just go back and take another course in the near future, and if it absolutely has to be nursing, I can do that.

I just want to get this ‘out of my system’ first. I feel a lifetime of frustration at being unable to do anything mechanical, and being prevented from getting the opportunity, when an untrained idiot MAN can get a job doing something like maintenance at McDonald’s but know nothing about how to do it RIGHT, and I know (I’m thinking of someone specific) that I can do it better than he can! but they didn’t even offer me a chance or even talk to me about it!

That emotion is much stronger and much more confident and certain than the emotions I feel at the thought of taking a nursing or medical course there.

I *do* feel interested in taking medical courses and doing nursing, but my emotions are much stronger in the mechanical areas.

I know, I know, I hear the counterarguments. The amount of time it will take, blah blah blah, the other additional small courses that I will have the desire to take which are all mechanical and which will take so much time that the nursing will be postponed for years and years, blah blah.

Why couldn’t I take just one big mechanical-related degree right now, and then promise to take some kind of nursing degree immediately afterwards?

When I’m working at a job, paying off the loan from the previous courses taken, I can save up money and prepare to go right back to school and do it all over again immediately after paying off my loan. I just have to go get that job right away and start paying off that loan right away. Then I can go back.

Why is this so bad? Why is this so urgent? Why do I have to do nursing and medical stuff RIGHT NOW? I don’t want to be forced to get vaccinated in order to become a nurse.

I just don’t LIKE THE IDEA of trying to go into some nursing career right now, until and unless I do the mechanical career first. I can do that nursing thing later.

I think that I could benefit from merely THROWING A DART at ANY of the careers offered at this school, and it does not matter which one – all of them will improve my life immediately.

How much fighting with the voices and the mind controllers will I have to do in order to take the course I want to take right now instead of the one THEY want me to take?

As a benefit, I will learn how to build my own electronic mind control shields! Is that what they want to prevent me from doing? Is that why they don’t want me to take these mechanical, material courses right now? Because I will then be able to build something that will stop them from controlling me? Because I will then be able to build emulations and reverse engineer the technology they are using to attack me? Because I will be able to protect myself better against them once I understand technology better? Is that the real reason why they want to make me take nursing right now instead of mechanical things?

Oh, they SAY that they are doing good for me and doing good for the world by trying to force me to take nursing right this instant. Sure, your mind control is doing good for the world! Without electronic mind control, the world would be a TERRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE!!! That’s right, thanks to you, the world is a great place to live in right now! I’m too stupid to make my own choices without you! ‘The World’ won’t get the benefit of me and my alternative medicine knowledge and my desire to fight cancer unless the mind controllers force me to become a nurse right now!!!

It’s ‘FOR THE WORLD.’ We’re mind controlling you FOR THE GOOD OF THE WORLD! That’s why I have to be forced against my will to study nursing at the vocational school instead of the mechanical,
industrial, construction careers that really are exciting to me right now.




collision repair technology. $7000. 900 hours. starts sept 5. mon-fri 830a-3pm. tools $1500. text $135. i-car $50. uniforms. 100% job placement.

small engine repair. $400. 70 hours. starts 1/16. mon-fri 1230p-3p. what do you do about ones that have already started? are other ones offered later in the year?


carpentry. $7000. 900 hours. starts 9-5-17. mon-fri 830a-3p. tools $500, text $100.

diesel technology. $11,000. 1106 hours. starts 8-7-17. mon-fri 830a-3p. tools $2200. text $135. 87% job placement or sometimes 100% job placement.

heavy equipment operations, class a cdl operators license.
(construction vehicles). $11,000. 608 hours. starts 8-7-17. mon-thurs 8a-430p. text $500.

hvac/refrig. $9000. 900 hours. 9-5-17. mon-thurs 7a-4p. tools $1200, text $300. 100% job placement.

precision machine technology. metalworking certification. $7000. 900 hours. 9-5-17. mon-fri 830a-3p. tools $300. text $200.

masonry. $7000. 900 hours. 9-5-17. mon-fri 830a-3p. tools $300, text $200.

structural welding. $9000. 900 hours. 9-5-17. mon-fri 830a-3p. tools $300, text $200.

interested in EVERY COURSE LISTED in the ‘construction/trades’ section, including all the small courses.

EMERGING ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE (water quality management, renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, other industries that use electrical, mechanical, and process automation technology)

control systems technician

advanced manufacturing technician 1&2

solar photovoltaic technician/installer



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